Heard of These Laws for Selling Your Car in UAE?

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Selling your car
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Thinking about selling your car in the UAE and confused about the rules? Don’t worry, CarSwitch has you covered with some useful pointers. Some of these rules might seem of little importance but they make a big difference all the same. Play by the rules and selling your car can be a piece of cake!

  • Do not put any signs or ads on your car windows to advertise it for sale. It might be a common practice in Europe or around the world, but in the UAE it can result in your car getting impounded. You have been warned!
  • Do not wash your car in the street when you are preparing it for sale, you could be slapped with an AED 100 fine.
  • Clear any outstanding loans on your car in full before you sell your car in the UAE. Once settled, your bank will need to inform the RTA about the clearance of loan and the RTA will, in turn, send a text message to the vehicle owner to confirm. This process usually takes around 24-48 hours. If you don’t have the cash to clear the loan, read our article on how to sell your car if it is financed by the bank.
  • Generally, it’s a good idea to get your car inspected at the RTA and get a certificate before you start the advertising process. The certificate costs AED 120 and it is valid for 30 days.
  • At the point of transfer, the seller needs to be present with their Emirates ID, UAE driving license, and a valid test certificate.
  • Before selling cars, it is advisable to clear off any fines to make the transfer process smooth. You can use the Dubai Police app or Dubai Police website for this purpose.
  • The cost of the vehicle test (AED 120) and the registration fees (AED 330) is the responsibility of the buyer.
  • The seller can ask a third party to sell a car on their behalf by granting them power of attorney.
  • Rather than transferring car insurance, it’s a better idea to cancel the policy and get a refund for the months remaining on the policy. Take a copy of the new car registration in the buyer’s name as proof that the car has been sold. The buyer can buy new car insurance Dubai in their own name later.

To the uninitiated, the whole process may sound a bit intimidating. However, once you are aware of the laws and procedures there is not much to fear. Still unsure or need help to sell car in Dubai? CarSwitch can handle the process, including the paperwork, on your behalf and simply take all the hassle off your hands. Happy switchin’!

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