Revealed: Suzuki Across

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The new Across has been revealed and since the model is a joint venture between Toyota and Suzuki, we are not surprised that it bears a striking resemblance to Toyota RAV4., an online marketplace to sell any car in Dubai, did some research to help you know more about the large SUV!

 Suzuki Across Engine And Performance

 The Across features a plug-in hybrid powertrain that combines a 2.5-liter internal combustion engine with separate motors for both axles. The gas engine is the Toyota A25A-FXS Dynamic Force engine seen before on the Toyota RAV4 Plug-In Hybrid and Camry. It also doubles up as a generator that replenishes the 18.1-kWh battery pack when it gets drained. The Across can go 75 kilometers on electricity alone. It offers a top speed of 180 kph.

 The other e-motor is placed on the rear axle. It is 40kW and makes 54 horsepower and 90 pound-feet of torque. So, Across features all-wheel-drive capabilities, which Suzuki calls E-Four electronic 4×4. The setup can vary twist between the front and back tires from 100 percent front to 20 percent front and 80 percent rear.

 The plug-in setup has many modes. The EV mode utilizes electric-only power. In auto EV/HV and HV modes the engine steps in when required.

 There is also an AWD Integrated Management (AIM) system in place to figure out when and how to deliver power. Main driving assist functions include lane tracing assist, pre-collision, and dynamic radar cruise control that uses a monocular camera and millimeter-wave radar.

Suzuki Across Exterior

As mentioned before, the exterior resembles the RAV4. The exceptions are the Suzuki badge, the larger front grille, the wheel design, and the revised front and back bumpers. It also features LED headlamps that combine high and low beams and 19ins alloys.

 Buyers can choose from six colors including Dark Blue Mica, Sensual Red Mica, Silver Metallic, White Pearl Crystal Shine, Attitude Black Mica, and Grey Metallic.

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 Suzuki Across Interior

 The interior is in line with that of Suzuki’s other vehicles which means it is practical and robust. Suzuki is not all that into fanciness and Across is no exception. It again takes inspiration from the RAV4, save for the center console design and the steering wheel.

 Although the interior is heavy on plastic, it also flaunts well-crafted upholstery and accents and soft padding on the doors and the dashboard. The Across comes with a bunch of no-frills materials that will hopefully stand the time.

 The SUV offers 490-liter cargo space. It boasts a nine-inch central touchscreen that supports both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The cabin could also easily accommodate four or even five passengers.

 It will hit the shelves in Europe by autumn but it remains to be seen if and when it will be released in the UAE.

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