Restored McLaren F1 Chassis 63 by MSO Looks Absolutely Stunning!

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Restored McLaren F1 Chassis 63 by MSO is a genuine silver beauty!
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Car enthusiasts we’ve got a great scoop for you! McLaren just restored its Chassis no.63 and its looks so stunning that you might want to sell any car in Dubai to get your hands on this one. This F1 car has been restored under the McLaren Special Operations (MSO) F1 certification and Heritage Programme. has put together everything you need to know about it.

History of the MSO F1 Certification

McLaren Special Operation (MSO) offers exclusive customisation, bespoke personalization along with top class after sales service and much more. Over a year ago, it announced its Heritage Programme to authenticate the heritage of its iconic F1 ex-Le Mans winning supercars.

The first car approved for certification was the famous 25R 1997 F1 GTR Longtail which was restored to an almost new condition. This car was unveiled along with the announcement of the Heritage Programme. 106 F1s were made between 1993 and 1998, out of which 64 were street cars and 28 GTR racers. Owners of these F1s are welcome to avail this restoration offer by the British Automaker.

Restored McLaren sell any car in Abu Dhabi
Restoration of Chassis 63

It took 18 months for the F1 to be restored to a renewed condition and it was done with thorough detail. The removal of exterior and drivetrain was the first step before working on the inside to revamp the interior with semi-aniline leather in Woking grey. On the inside, the Woking Grey was used for the Alcantara dashboard as well as on the perforated passenger seats. However, the driver’s seat was refurbished with a red perforated Alcantara centre console. The works included new carpets with floor mats with silver piping.

Moreover, the steering wheel was also replaced using MSO’s stock of original parts. The old steering wheel is in possession of the owner for historical reference. Many parts such as Bilstein shocks, driveshafts and wheel hubs were returned to the original supplier for restoration.

With the interior fully re-trimmed, the original body panels were then reattached. Following that, Magnesium Silver paint was used to repaint the exterior which took 900 hours to complete. A total of almost 3000 hours were spent for the whole restoration process which includes final road and track testing.

This power machine was then fitted with a naturally aspirated 6.1L engine which went through a complete reconstruction. Once that was done, it was tested by the automaker to ensure its output of 618 hp. This much power enables the F1 to go up to 243 mph. Hence, the end result is just absolutely fantastic which proves that it’s a great time to be a car enthusiast with new cars being made and such cars being restored.

The Chassis 63 was then returned to the original proprietor of the F1 car. The owner got a Certificate of Authenticity plus an illustrated book which contains the history of the car. Moreover, the owner also received a 3D laser scanned model known as the Genesis Speed Form.

Apart from the gorgeously restored McLaren F1, their after sales service and heritage programme is certainly admirable. It can tempt anyone to sell any car in Dubai for a McLaren, but for that, you need deep pockets. However, if you’re on a budget and are looking for something cool, might have something that works for you!

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