4 Reasons Not to Bring Your Own Parts to a Mechanic in Dubai

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Whether you like to admit so or not, even your most prized possession – that you look after so carefully – requires an occasional trip to the mechanic. All experienced used car owners in Dubai know that this particular trip can be an expensive one as the mechanic can list down many auto parts that need to be repaired or replaced. The smart shopper might look to purchase these parts on their own to save costs, but CarSwitch.com lists four major reasons why this is not recommended.

1. There might be no warranty for the parts you bought 

If you decide to purchase parts on your own, then the mechanic will take no responsibility as to their quality or endurance. In the long-run, this may actually end up costing you more and your supposedly smart move will go down the drain. It is best to trust the mechanic and go with their choice, the expert knows best! 

2. The mechanic or workshop could be held legally responsible 

Things could go bad for not only you but also the mechanic that is working at the car workshop. Despite them providing no assurance as to the quality or durability of your purchased parts, their simple compliance can land them in trouble. Legally speaking, the mechanic can be held accountable and fined for agreeing to use parts that they themselves did not buy. 

3. You (most likely) might not be right

Although you might like to believe that you are the car expert, the reality might be very different. Your urge to prove and show your expertise might land you in heavy waters where your car is concerned.

Despite the mechanic having outlined what parts are needed, an inexperienced eye might not pick out the right ones, unnecessarily spending both time and money.

4. It is a hassle in itself

Do you really want to spend valuable hours travelling from one location to the next in search of car parts? Is the added hassle worth the little money saved?

Both of these are important questions you should ask yourself before taking on this task. Besides, the amount of petrol or taxi charges would outdo any savings you would make. Therefore, sit back and relax and leave it up to your mechanic. After all, they know what they are doing for a reason.

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