7 Reasons Why Your Car Might Refuse to Go in Reverse in Dubai

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Whether you own the most basic used car in Dubai or a shiny gold-colored Lamborghini, if its transmission doesn’t function well, you’re in big trouble. Why? Well, because no vehicle will move if the gears do not work. CarSwitch.com has compiled a list of the top 7 reasons why your car refuses to go in reverse.

1. You are low on transmission fluid (manual & automatic)

A low amount of transmission liquid will make reversing your car a real struggle. It leads to complications with the gear, including gear slippage, transmission issues and flared up gears. It is recommended that you check transmission fluid levels often.

2. You transmission position sensor might be faulty (automatic)

Problems with reversing your car may also be linked to a malfunctioning shift lever. The shift lever uses an electronic message to indicate that the car should be put into reverse. If this is the case, your car may not go above the third gear, barring it from going into reverse.

3. The valve body might be worn out (automatic)

The valve body is a pretty complicated component of the car. It is the control center that directs the hydraulic liquid to other valves which in turn activates the relevant clutch pack and helps it shift the gear for each driving situation. If the valve body is worn out, it can prevent a smooth flow of hydraulic liquid and then cause the reverse gear to slow down or even fail altogether.

4. The shifter mechanism is faulty (manual)

One of the reverse problems that is solely connected to manual cars is a malfunctioning shifter. If the shifter’s movement seems restrained, then it is worth checking the linkage and cables for damages.

5. The transmission fluid or filter is dirty (manual & automatic)

With time, your car’s transmission liquid may gather excess materials or discharge, putting a strain on your car’s reversing abilities. A simple way to see if this is the issue or not is to check your car’s transmission liquid against a fluid colour chart.

6. The teeth or reverse gear might be broken (manual or automatic)

Not tasking enough care while transitioning different gears smoothly can cause broken teeth. Loud noises when shifting are often an indication of this and unfortunately, replacement is the only remedy.

7. The lockout ring might be faulty (manual)

While a lockout ring is actually installed for safety, a malfunctioning one can have the opposite effect. In this case, it can bar the driver from going into reverse or from even driving the vehicle at all.

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