New Radars for Cars Jumping the Queue in Dubai

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Queue jumpers beware! The Dubai Police will be onto you now! After receiving numerous complaints and observatory notes regarding violation of lane discipline rules, the Dubai Police introduced new radars. Want to know how they work? Read on to find out.

Located in key areas, like intersections, exits, and turns, these radars are equipped with state-of-the-art cameras that can detect a potential car cutting the lane over a distance of 1000 meters. Offenders will be fined with Dh200 and two black points on their license. Now that’s reason enough to stay in line, don’t you agree?

Not unlike other cameras installed on major Dubai roads, these cameras will take high-resolution pictures of the offending car in Dubai and send them to the authorities along with a violation report. An officer can then verify the incident before approving a fine. You can pay your Dubai traffic fines online through RTA’s website.  

So does it really work, you ask? Well, prepare to be impressed! According to the Dubai Police, the one-week trial camera on just Rebat Street in Dubai caught 3000 offenses. To put it into perspective, did you know that in the last year 290,336 people were fined for not abiding by lane discipline? Violation of lane discipline rules last year also caused 145 accidents, resulting in 7 dead and 78 injured.

Let’s face it! Driving around the UAE, we have all seen cars deliberately breaking rules when policemen and traffic surveillance devices are not around. Given these new radars and fines, however, the number of such rule-breakers will likely go down. Learn more about the revised speeding fines in the UAE to avoid them.

It’s great news for those of us who are tired of people cutting in front of us. For people who can’t stay in line, not so much. So, for your own good and the safety of others, try waiting in the queue next time. If you don’t, get ready to be slapped with a fine!

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