How to Keep the Windscreen of Your Used Car in Dubai Safe from Damage

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A windscreen that is not in top-notch shape is an extremely dangerous problem, especially if the inflicted damage affects the driver’s vision. has compiled a list of instructions on how to protect the windscreen of your new or used cars in Dubai.


Manoeuvring your vehicle over a terrain of unfixed gravel or any similar form of debris results in the fragments being reflected against your windscreen.

This is particularly true in cases where you are driving within a short distance of another vehicle.

Keep your distance

One of the easiest and most effective measures that can be taken to prevent this form of windscreen damage is to maintain ample distance with any other vehicles that may be leading you.

The driver should decrease the speed at which they are travelling as this is likely to allow more time for a precautionary measure to be taken in the case that they see gravel, or the like, flying towards their screen.

Check who is travelling ahead

The make of vehicles that are surrounding you is directly correlated to the extent of damage your screen undergoes.

Usually, bigger vehicles, and particularly those that operate on construction sites make for increased levels of damage. This is because such vehicles often have loose materials embedded within their body which tend to fly off when they move in a fast motion.

Poor quality

Perhaps, the greatest determinant of windscreen damage is in the actual making of the screen itself. The cheaper the quality of the glass, the more prone it is to damage, even from the littlest of acts.

Fluctuating temperatures

With extremely high temperatures in Dubai, car screens are highly susceptible to it. Exposure to sunlight results in a fractured windscreen due to the expansions it undergoes.

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