Porsche 935 With Exposed Carbon Fiber Body Looks Mesmerizing

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Designing a brand-new car from the ground up is a challenging task. With its naked carbon fiber finish, Porsche 935 is certainly a feast for the eyes. As much as we would love to get our hands on these wheels, the hefty price tag may coax us to stick to our used car in Abu Dhabi!

The new Porsche 935 is getting rid of the steel and aluminium panels, replacing them with nothing but carbon fiber. Porsche hasn’t commented if using this material has compromised the durability of the 935, but here’s one thing we know: it’s only limited to collectors and not for everyday drivers. That’s correct, reports state that there will only be a total of 77 units, so designing and then putting the final prototype into production might have been an uphill battle for Porsche.

Since carbon fiber is a material used in bikes to make them extremely lightweight and manoeuvrable, that’s also what Porsche might be going for with the 935 but make no mistake, the car is a heavy beast. It weighs approximately 3040 pounds (1378.9 KG). Since it isn’t street legal, it’s use will just be limited to car shows, track days or just plain-old staring while it’s parked in the garage.

Coming to the other specifications, the Porsche 935 has a 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged engine with a 700-horsepower metric, and a seven-speed transmission. Even the interior and cockpit have been designed with a racer aesthetic, with seats sporting a six-point harness. All of this is going to translate into a hefty price, with the Porsche 935 carrying a tag of a mammoth $817,000 (3,001,045 AED).

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Porsche hasn’t made any statements concerning how many of these 77 units have been sold, pre-ordered, reserved or accounted for so far. What we do know is that the Porsche 935 with the new carbon fiber finish is a golden example of German car engineering and design, and it will certainly be a treat to own one of these. Naturally, perhaps the only disappointment shared by those future 77 buyers is that they won’t be able to test out the true mettle of the Porsche 935 as this model isn’t street legal.

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