Paul Walker’s Car Collection Gathers $2.33 Million at an Auction!

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Paul Walker’s Car Collection gathers $2.33 million at an auction!
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The Fast and Furious movie franchise is very popular among car enthusiasts and even more popular is its late star Paul Walker. Being a gearhead himself, he left behind an impressive collection of cars which gathered a staggering amount at a recently held auction. Some of these makes and models might even be available as used cars in Abu Dhabi

Walker’s claim to fame was his character Brian O’Conner in the Fast and Furious movies. Unfortunately, he was killed in a motoring accident in his Porsche Carrera GT in 2013. The highlighted cause of the accident was excessive speed. 

His impressive collection of classics, sports cars and supercars gathered a sizable amount of $2.33 million at the annual 2020 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction. A total of 21 vehicles from his collection were sold at the Auction whereas some cars out of his collection were kept by his daughter. The earnings from this auction have been donated to a trust for his 21-year daughter, Meadow Walker.

BMW used cars in Abu Dhabi

 The car collection contained five of the BMW M3 Lightweight E36 special editions out of a total 126 made. The 1995 model with the lowest mileage (4600 miles) was sold for an astounding $385,000 and was the most expensive car out of the lot. The other four of this rare breed were sold for between $220,000 and $258,500. All of these accumulated an amount of $1,205,000.

nissan 370z used cars in Abu Dhabi

Another show-stopper at the auction was a 2009 Nissan 370Z which was one of the cars featured in Fast and Furious. It had only clocked 3,092 miles and fetched an incredible $105,600, becoming the most expensive 370Z ever sold at an auction. 

Other cars to come under the hammer included his 1989 Nissan Skyline R32 sold for $100,100, a customized 1967 Chevy Nova which gathered $60,500 and a 2013 Ford Boss which brought in $95,700. Evidently, he had never even driven the Ford Boss.

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