Did You Know There Are Multiple Types of Automatic Transmissions?

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multiple types of automatic transmissions in used cars in Sharjah
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Most cars now come with an automatic transmission. It has taken over the traditional manual three-clutch system by providing a hassle-free and convenient solution for drivers of new and used cars in Sharjah. Automatic transmission was invented in the early twentieth century and as time and technology progressed, it has become very popular in the automotive industry. While most of us drive a car with an automatic transmission, many are unaware of its uses as well as types.

Traditional Automatic Transmission 

A traditional automatic transmission is still used in many cars and has been the only option available for a long time. It uses hydraulic fluid coupling known as a torque convertor to act as a link between the engine and the gearbox through electric control unit (ECU). Previously, these torque convertors were easy to use but were not as efficient or performance-oriented. This has changed with the advancement of technology. The modern torque convertors provide smooth gearshifts along with more gears. No matter how easy it is to use, there are some habits that you should avoid while driving an automatic so that you don’t damage it.

Automated-Manual Transmission

Also known as the semi-automatic transmission, this transmission doesn’t consist of an automatic gearbox. Instead, it uses the manual gearbox which operates without a clutch. This is done through a hydraulic actuator system and an electric control solution which disconnects the clutch during gear shifts. This is a low-cost solution but it does not deliver well on performance. Still, Fiat 500 and some other small cars still use this type of transmission. However, it is getting very obsolete.

Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)

The Continuously Variable Transmission or CVT is one of the most interesting transmissions. Many top brands like Nissan and Toyota use it. This transmission has one fixed gear.  It uses belts or chain linked pulleys to effortlessly alter the gear ratio depending on the engine or RPM. Although, it can increase engine noise, this type of automatic transmission allows optimum performance and maximum efficiency in most cases. It is also particularly famous with hybrid vehicles.

Dual-Clutch Transmission

A mix of automatic and manual transmission, the dual-clutch transmission works without a torque convertor. It consists of two clutches, one for odd-numbered gears and one for even-numbered gears. Volkswagen is the pioneer of dual clutch transmission as it was first used in 2003 Golf R32. Electro-hydraulics help to control the clutches automatically. In some dual-clutch transmissions, it is even possible to change gears manually.

Tiptronic Transmission

Performance or sports cars mostly use this transmission. Porsche was the pioneer of tiptronic transmission in the early 90’s. As the fight between manual vs. automatic is never-ending, the tiptronic carries elements from both transmissions. Instead of a clutch pedal, it has a torque convertor and functions more like a manual. The driver can opt for automatic or manual shifting of gears in this transmission. In addition, it has a built-in safety feature to prevent damage to the gearbox from over-revving when downshifting. This transmission works to maximise performance which is why brands like Porsche, BMW and Audi use them for their high-performing models. 

It is important for drivers to know the types of transmission before buying new or used cars in Sharjah or anywhere else. This can help you decide which transmission is more suitable for your type of car and also the way you like to drive. That being said, faulty transmissions can cause a lot of problems which is why CarSwitch.com arranges a specialist to inspect your car!

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