The MINI is going to get smaller!

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The Mini is going to get smaller
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MINI is planning to reveal an even smaller fully-electric model. This is a change in the company’s designing strategy because in recent years the Mini has only been getting larger., an online marketplace for certified used cars for sale in Dubai, shares everything we know so far about it. 

Smaller MINI cars for sale in Dubai

Bernd Korber, head of MINI, said, “In the next generation, it’s possible to build a car smaller than today’s three-door hatch but with the same functionality and space and boot room. We’re looking at what’s the necessary footprint that fits with Mini’s history.”

Even though this model doesn’t match the original’s compact size, MINI plans to cut down its dimensions with the inculcation of an electric engine. Hailed as the miniMini, this latest creation will be built on a brand new platform. It will be a joint manufacturing venture with a Chinese manufacturer, Great Wall Motor. It will be built at a new factory in the Jiangsu Province of China and it is definitely one of the upcoming compact EV we’re looking forward to

It’s rumoured that the manufacturing process will start by 2022. Given its low center of gravity, electrification is an ideal match for the smaller Mini. Additionally, according to Korber, Mini will have a mix of combustion and electric cars by 2030

As for the company, their plans do not end with the anticipated miniMini. Already looking into luxury editions, the brand is aiming to continue its Goodwood model legacy. With cabins that are adorned using top-notch materials, their luxury editions are truly one-of-a-kind. 

This car is a call out to all the environmentalists and we wish to see it among cars for sale in Dubai. A MINI which is really “mini” is also something customers might like. However, if you’re in Cavour of the current Mini, you can find pre-inspected and certified models on!

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