MG EZ-S: All-Electric SUV Is Now Finally Available in the Middle East

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Vehicles with alternative fuel options are becoming quite popular these days, with companies putting up numerous cars for sale of hybrid and electric variety. And MG is no exception. With their hybrid vehicle already on the way, now, the All-electric vehicle has arrived.

Where the petrol version had already started to become a popular choice worldwide, it’s zero-emission electric counterpart is now in hopes of making electric motoring more accessible in the Middle East and neighbouring countries.

According to the Managing Director of SAIC Motor Middle East, Tom Lee, “MG is at the forefront of new energy developments in the car industry. Recent announcements regarding the MG EXS demonstrate our commitment in this field, and customers across the world will soon be able to experience the benefits of an all-electric MG for themselves.”

He further stated that they hope to expand more on the middle eat market this year with greater and better energy innovations.

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Just last year, MG unveiled their Hybrid Electric PHEV RX5 SUV to the Middle Eastern region for harsh climate testing. The “weather-resistant” SUV could traverse through the toughest of terrains of UAE, Saudia Arabia and Kuwait.

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The MG-EZS is powered by an electric motor that produces a 148 bhp and a 350 Nm torque by driving the anterior axle. When the car is fully charged, it has a range of 266 miles and it also allows for superfast charging that enables up to 80% of charging in 30 minutes.

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