Kia’s Futuron Concept Took Inspiration from UFOs And Dragons!

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Kia’s Futuron Concept Took Inspiration from UFOs And Dragons
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Kia has unveiled a concept car called Futuron, which is basically an SUV sports car. As you might have observed by looking at the pictures, Kia took inspiration from UFOs while designing the car and that’s the reason why its roof looks like the central dome of a flying saucer., an online marketplace where you can sell and buy any used car in Dubai, shares the details. 

The Futuron features a two-door body and has huge wheels. The car is fully electric and has an all-wheel-drive system. It is 191 inches long and 61 inches tall. The wheelbase measures 118.1 inches. The tiger-nose grille has been widened and can also illuminate.

The roof of the Futuron has a ring of LiDAR sensors. Kia says that these can assist with autonomous driving. The automaker says that the vehicle comes with Level 4 autonomous driving. This means you can choose between the autonomous and manual modes. Level 4 means that you can take your eyes off the road and hands off the steering wheel in most conditions.

If you switch from the manual mode to the self-driving one, the front seats go from an upright position to a reclined position. Kia took inspiration for this setup from the first-class seats on airlines.

Kia futoron

The car features something called “Star Cloud” lighting, which Kia says has been inspired by nebulae. Basically, the company has used a matrix of LED elements to make different shapes. This makes the Futuron stand out at night. The light elements at the front and the back are covered with the body colour. This look is called “Dragon Skin” and has been inspired by Chinese mythology. Inside is a one-unit infotainment system which runs on artificial intelligence.

Other than saying that Futuron offers all-wheel drive with one motor behind each wheel, Kia didn’t share a lot of information about the powertrain. The battery pack has been placed underneath the floor for a low centre of gravity. The mounting position of the cell also gave more freedom to designers to shape the body, according to the company.

Even if Futuron isn’t commercialized, we may see some of these design elements in the upcoming Kia cars.

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