Much like Dubai, Japan also has its share of wonderful and strange cars. If you are looking to buy a car in Dubai, UAE you may not be able to find all the cars from Japan listed below, but you can always try your luck.

Autozam AZ-1: Reminding you of Marty and Doc from “Back to the Future” this car’s most unique feature is its gullwing doors. This car went out of production by Suzuki in 1994, but was adopted by other car manufacturers who released revised versions.

Lexus LS: Introducing the first ever 10 speed automatic transmission this car is the one to drive up to mount Fuji. With twin turbo and ravishing looks this masterpiece by Lexus is the first of its kind: a hybrid luxury sedan.

Dome Zero: Nothing speaks retro much like Dome Zero. It was a pioneer in low volume sports cars. A fun fact about this classic Japanese car is that it was the inspiration behind the character ‘Rodimus’ from Transformers Generation 1 series.

Mitsuoka Orochi: Taking its name from a Japanese dragon, this sports car is unique in its looks and can reach a maximum of 155 mile per hour, not very impressive for those expecting dragon like speed.

Mazda Kai: Powered by an internal combustion engine, this car is nothing like other hatchbacks. Redefining the meaning of compact the Kai Concept is the very definition of less is more offered by Mazda which calls Japan its home.

Suzuki Mighty Boy: Much like Mazda, Suzuki is a home country brand for the Japanese but it can’t be said with confidence that it offers marvels like Mazda. And a good example of aforementioned is the Suzuki Mighty Boy. If Ford F250, Nissan Frontier, or Toyota Tundra calls themselves mighty it is understandable, but this really?

Mitsubishi Minica Lettuce: For a starter who was in charge of naming this car? How about putting the fourth door on the car and choosing a name that doesn’t remind you of a vegetable? Mitsubishi was really thinking outside the box when offering this signature piece to the world.  

The Japanese can sure get their cars right, but they can equally get it wrong. But you should not make that mistake when selling your car in Dubai, UAE and let the experts at CarSwitch guide you about the do’s and don’ts of car trading. Happy trading!