How to Wash Your Car in Abu Dhabi

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While it is no rocket science to wash a car, some important tips and tricks should be kept in mind. The way you wash your car has more impact on the performance of your car than you might think. What’s more, doing so also enhances its durability and life. The experts at, an online marketplace to sell any car in Abu Dhabi, share some pointers to make this experience efficient and enjoyable: 

Wash your car with the right products

The foremost concern is the products used for wash. Avoid using household washing items with chemical content that could be detrimental to your car’s paint. They may scrape off the protective wax on your car’s surface, causing early wear and tear. You should be using a wash that is specifically created for vehicles, there is a wide variety available at any store. They even come with different smells! These washes are mild, they do not harm the paint of your car but help it last longer.

How to wash your car the right way:

Scrub gently

Apply the product to a soft sponge and scrub gently. Sometimes stubborn particles dust and debris can stick to the wheel of your car; you might need to use a stronger scrub to take them off. For this purpose you can use bug-and-tar remover, followed by wiping off any remaining deposits with a soft cotton piece of cloth. 

Clean the tires and wheels with a different sponge

Ideally you should be using a separate sponge to clean the wheels and tires; this is because these parts are exposed to excessive dirt. A stronger sponge such as bug-and-tar remover is able to remove deposits of dirt easily. You should also ensure that the product you use to clean wheels and tires is compatible with the material of these parts.

There are different products for chrome, clear-coat etc, this helps to prevent wear and tear. For this, you need to check the labels carefully before buying a cleaner. 

Heat makes your car dry quickly

It is important to not wash your car while its body is hot especially right after a drive. This is because heat makes the soap and water dry off quickly, making cleaning difficult and often ineffective.  It is also recommended to not move your sponge in circles as overtime this can cause scratches and swirl marks. Sponge your car gently lengthwise, this will prevent the appearance of any marks. In case your sponge falls on the ground, do not use it unless you thoroughly rinse it with water and soap. A dirty sponge can cause accumulation of dirt on your car’s surface. 

Dry your car with the right tools

After you’re done washing your used car, air drying is not a good option. Do not park it in the garage with a fan on high and do not take it for a drive around the block either. Use soft cotton towels to wipe the excess water because air drying can cause water marks. The towels should do a good job, and most importantly, do not forget to have fun. 

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