How to Schedule a Dubai RTA Driving Test

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When obtaining a driving license in the Emirate, laws, and restrictions have been put in place by the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai. Only if you pay attention to details during training will you be able to pass the driving tests, which are challenging but not insurmountable. Since the driving test consists of several steps, many prospective drivers frequently slip up during one of them. Therefore, based on a few requirements, customers can choose to book an RTA vehicle driving test service rather than doing the complete exam again. 

Additionally, you may quickly make an appointment for a knowledge test, road test, yard test, as well as for the remote interpretation of test questions, using the RTA driving test booking service. On CarSwitch let’s explore in more detail how to schedule an RTA driving test, as well as its requirements, fees, and other terms and conditions. 

Who Can Schedule an RTA Car Driving Exam in Dubai?

For trainees and individuals, the following qualifying requirements for RTA Dubai driving test booking are applicable:

  • Trainees who have finished their theoretical courses and opened a traffic file may request to book a knowledge test.
  • A yard examination can be requested by trainees who have passed their knowledge test, evaluation, and training requirements.
  • After completing the training requirements and passing the knowledge test and assessment, trainees can ask to schedule a road test.
  • Applicants for assessment tests must have passed the prior road tests but not yet been issued a driver’s license within a year of passing the road test.
  • People may apply for the evaluation exam if their driver’s license hasn’t been renewed in more than 10 years.
  • People may ask to schedule a road test if Dubai Police withdraws or revokes their driver’s license.
  • If one has more than 24 black points on their driving record and their license is withdrawn or canceled, they can schedule a road test appointment through RTA Dubai.

Documents Needed to Schedule an RTA Car Driving Test

You must present your Emirates ID to schedule a test appointment for the RTA automobile driving test. If your Dubai driver’s license is suspended or revoked, you must submit the results of an eye exam together with your Emirates ID.

How to Schedule a Dubai Driving Test?

There are numerous ways to apply for an RTA Dubai driving test reservation. Here, we have outlined the procedures for applying via each medium:

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Using the RTA’s official website in Dubai, schedule a driving test

  • Log in using your Emirates ID to access your profile on the RTA Dubai’s official website.
  • To confirm the user’s identification, a verification code or one-time password is sent through text message to the number registered in the system.
  • Depending on your needs, reserve the date for the knowledge, road, or yard examination.
  • Select knowledge test translation and the associated charge will be added.
  • Make your payment online.
  • When the appointment is confirmed, an email or text message will be sent to you.

RTA Driving Test Online Booking Through the Dubai Drive App for the Road Test

To schedule a road test and pay the associated fees with a credit card, utilize the Dubai Drive app.

  • Get the Dubai Drive app for iOS or Android.
  • To make an appointment request, enter your date of birth and learning form number on the app.
  • Select an appointment date from the list of available times.
  • Apply a credit card to the fees.

Appointment Scheduling through Smart Screen

Additionally, you can schedule a road test appointment using the bright screens installed at Dubai’s driving schools. This is how:

  • Type in your Emirates ID number or learning form number.
  • Select an appointment from one of the available dates.
  • Make the service charge payment at one of the driving institutes before booking.

Book A Road Test and Assessment from RTA Customer Happiness Centre 

Head to Customer Happiness Centre in Deira to book a road test and assessment after the withdrawal or revocation of a driving license. Here’s how to book a driving test: 

  • Submit the documents required to process the request.
  • Pay the service fees.
  • Book the appointment according to the available dates.

Female candidates can apply at the Dubai Driving Centre, Al Quasis branch for the test, whereas, male candidates at Emirates Driving Centre, Al Quasis branch.

Terms and Conditions 

A few terms and conditions apply to booking an RTA car driving test in Dubai. Let’s take a look at them: 

  • Make sure the learning form issued is valid 
  • If you need to translate the knowledge test, then file the request for translation five days ahead of the knowledge test date
  • If you plan to book an RTA driving test online, then you need to pay the service charges at one of the driving institutes
  • Make sure all the theoretical training requirements are complete if you are applying for a knowledge check 
  • Those applying for the arena test are required to pass the knowledge test, complete all the training requirements, and pass the assessment examination from the Driving Learning Institute
  • In case of booking a road test, you should have passed the knowledge test, paid all the service charges, cleared the yard test, and completed the training requirements
  • If you failed to appear for the examination on the given date, then you need to book a new test appointment and repay the service charges.

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