Here Are Three EVs That BMW Is Expected To Release In The Next Couple Of Years

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In the future, we can slowly expect electric vehicles to take over cars running on fossil fuels. The big players have obviously realized that too, and want to cash in on the trend. BMW, for instance, has expedited its plan roll out EVs. So, if you are planning to replace your used car in Abu Dhabi to buy yourself a BMW EV in the future, here is what the company is supposedly working on: 


The iX3 is expected next year. The car is apparently being manufactured in China and it will be released globally. At the moment, not a lot is known about this EV. Grapevine has it that the car will feature the company’s fifth-generation eDrive technology. There are conflicting reports about its range, which some saying it will go 160 miles on a single charge, and others claiming that it will be good for a range of nearly 249 miles. The electric crossover will likely be based on the G08 platform and it is tipped to come with a rear-wheel-drive configuration. The battery of the car will supposedly have a capacity of 75 kW. Per some leaks, the car will be able to produce 300 horsepower and it might also have some self-driving features.


The iX3 will reportedly be followed by the iNext in July 2021. Codenamed i20, this EV will apparently weigh 2.4-tons and carry a 105-kWh battery. It is expected to crank out 536 horsepower via an all-drive system. Sources also claim that it will go from a standstill to 62-mph in 2.8 seconds and offer a range of around 375 miles. Per an insider, a long-wheelbase and fuel-cell versions of the ride will also be offered later on. The iNext is expected to be a specced-out showpiece for the company and thus it’s not surprising to know that its highest-end variant is expected to fetch €110,000 or about AED 444,000.


Next in line, we have the i4, which is expected to hit the market in 2021. The car made an appearance at the 2017 Frankfurt Show, and the finished variant is expected to be unveiled next year, before going on sale the year after that. This is a four-door sedan and apparently it will be pretty spacious and feature range-topping aerodynamics. The i4 will reportedly be available in three flavors with 60, 90, and 120 kWh capacity batteries, allowing them to churn out 134, 201, and 335 horsepower respectively. The highest-end version is tipped to offer a range of 350 miles. 

All in all, BMW plans to offer 25 EVs by 2023 and other than those listed above, i12, iX1, Active Tourer EV, i7, and i5 are reportedly on the cards.

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