Get to Know About The Triple Crown of Motorsport

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The prestigious history of motorsport truly makes it one of the most glamorous sports on planet earth and whenever we talk about it, the Triple Crown truly stands out as the holy grail of this heart-racing sport. As distinguished events, the Indy 500, Monaco Grand Prix, and also the 24 of Le Mans could hardly be more distinct. That is why; any individual who does somehow succeed to clinch all three in their career will without any shadow of a doubt go down in the history books as one of the most accomplished drivers of all time. Considering the fact that motorsport and super fast cars go hand in hand, you should be well aware of the fact that buying these sexy chic models can be an expensive undertaking. However, there are platforms such as CarSwitch that can make it easy for you to go for the used ones and get your hands on your most favored sweethearts. 

As far as achieving this remarkable feat is concerned, so many drivers have given a shot with the likes of Mario Andretti, Jacques Villeneuve and Fernando Alonso coming close – but just one man has actually done it so far.

The Triple Crown of Motorsport is without any doubt a challenge in itself as the fascinating skills needed for each race of the Triple Crown is exclusively diverse while making the challenges hard, and the milestone even more impressive. 

Monaco Grand Prix

Truth be told, winning F1’s most prestigious race is ideally an illustrious achievement. Although some of the fascinating tracks such as Silverstone, Monza, and the Nurburgring all have an amazing place in the F1 dream world; it is the magnificent  Monaco Grand Prix that every driver wishes to win as compared to others. It is also pertinent to mention that no circuit is as demanding as Monaco with its close barriers as well as bumpy tarmac. The craziest part is that there’s almost no margin for error whatsoever. That is the reason this race remains the most iconic street circuit that lies on the F1 calendar and which comprises one part of the Triple Crown. 

Indy 500 

The initial years of the Formula 1 World Championship saw fewer commercial opportunities along with fewer revenue streams that made many drivers decide to compete in alternative racing series. It was in the 60s that European racers got their hands on something extraordinary in the shape of the Indy 500. Besides, the flexibility of calendars allowed Formula 1 drivers to carry on their careers both in the Americas and Europe without any hassle and most importantly without going against the company’s principles. 

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24 Hours of Le Mans

The iconic endurance race around the 8.5-mile Circuit De la Sarthe was organized prior to the F1 World Championship and its first edition took place almost a century ago in 1923. The distinctive feature about Le Mans is that the winner of the race covers the most distance, demanding an exclusive set of skills as compared to the raw speed needed in F1.

It goes without saying that the nature of the race ideally suits a distinct type of driver, with type management and also consistent pace being rewarded over the course of 24 hours.

Only One Driver has ever Achieved It

While it is true that the Triple Crown is the most amazing achievement in the history of motorsport, the feat has actually been achieved by just one person. Graham Hill, a driver who is ideally known for his achievement in Formula 1, was undoubtedly the most amazing thing that has ever occurred to the world of racing. After successfully rising through the ranks, Hill clinched his first Formula 1 World Championship in 1962 and would do so once again six years later.

During his illustrious career, Hill won the Monaco GP as many as five times and was victorious in his first-ever Indy 500 entry in 1966. Despite consistently pursuing the race throughout the 1960s, he wouldn’t win at Le Mans until 1972 and which would turn out to be his very last entry just six months prior to his tragic death. 

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