UAE Petrolheads Will Love the Stealth Mode in This Ford Car

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With the Ford Mustang GT 2018, you can now be a good neighbor! Wondering how that’s possible? Watch out, though, you might start thinking about ways to sell car in Dubai, UAE and buy a used Ford instead once you learn about this amazing new tech.

News about the 2018 Ford Mustang GT stealth mode went viral in the world of cars recently. Now, we hate to burst your bubble, but contrary to your expectations this ‘stealth mode’ is not about camouflage or invisible cars. In fact, it has more to do with a car’s engine sound.

Ford announced that its upcoming Ford Mustang GT will feature a specially designed Quiet Exhaust Mode and a Quiet Start Mode. Apparently, not everyone loves the sound of a V8 engine starting up early in the morning and that’s how the idea for this technology came about.

Here’s the Story

A product development leader at Ford, Steve von Foerster was backing a roaring Shelby GT350 out of his driveway when the neighbors called the cops on him complaining about the noise. He realized then the importance of a “Good Neighbor Mode” giving drivers the freedom to turn their car to ‘stealth’ or quiet mode with the simple press of a button. These features will be a part of the active valve performance exhaust system. Other modes include normal, track, and sports, “giving Mustang owners the best of both worlds.”

No More Noisy Cars

Did you know that a thundering V8 engine makes over 80 decibels of noise? Any sound in the upper-70 decibels range can seem noisy and annoying. Quiet mode limits engine sound to 72 decibels, about as noisy as a dishwasher. While others cars have offered an active exhaust function with a quieter operating mode, what makes this one stand apart is the quiet start feature.

The 2018 Ford Mustang GT will be available in the market from October of this year. We hope you are looking forward to it! In the meantime, if you want to sell car in Dubai, UAE but don’t know where to start, let CarSwitch handle the process for you. Happy ‘switchin!