AED 400 Fine and 4 Black Points for These Two Traffic Violations in Sharjah!

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AED 400 Fine and 4 Black Points for These Two Traffic Violations in Sharjah!
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If you’re driving your used car in Sharjah without fastening your seatbelt, you will face a fine of AED 400 and 4 black points. This fine also applies to those who let their child sit in the front seat. This warning has been circulated by the police through social media as they plan to clamp down on motorists making these violations. Here is what can tell you about it. 

As per a top official of Sharjah Police, even though these violations have significantly decreased, many drivers seem to be committing this offence lately. Cameras have also captured children sitting in the front seats of vehicles. The social media awareness ‘Hezamak Amanak’ (Your Belt, Your Safety) by the police aims to encourage motorists to use seatbelts. 

Not letting children ride in the front seat of the car is one of the most important car safety tips while driving with children. This campaign also conveys this message through brochure distribution in different languages. 

The Police official also mentioned that not wearing a seatbelt can lead to devastating injuries and accidents. Motorists underestimate the value of wearing seatbelts and put their own and their children’s safety in jeopardy. It is one of the major reasons for injuries and deaths during traffic accidents. 

The same goes for letting children ride in the front seat of your vehicle. Zero tolerance will be shown to parents who allow their children to sit in the front seat. Traffic Police will monitor these violations throughout the Emirate and those who fail to follow the law will be fined accordingly. 

Wearing seatbelts and using child car seats can save you from serious injury or death in an accident. Safety should always be a priority when you travel in your used car in Sharjah. also ensures your safety by providing you with pre-inspected and pre-certified cars!

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