5 Car Safety Tips When Driving with Children

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Although traveling with kids can be fun, it can also be dangerous. Drivers can get easily distracted by children. Wondering if you should sell car in Abu Dhabi and walk them instead? Here are Carswitch.com’s top tips when driving with the little humans!

    1.  Avoid Using Your Phone

It is imperative that you keep your eyes on the road while driving and avoid being distracted by cell phone notifications. This means you should neither answer calls while you are driving nor read texts. It can also be a good idea to put your handset in airplane mode or turn down the volume. Distracted driving cannot just prove to be dangerous it can also teach young kids bad habits. If you drive responsibly, your kids are likely to do the same in the future.                               

   2. Avoid Feeding Your Kids While You Are Driving

Food can be a great distraction, so it is recommended that you feed your kids before you get in the car. Otherwise, not only would you be distracted by the constant demands of your kids, but they might also throw tantrums while eating. For long trips, you can use food to your advantage, by promising pit stops every few hours if they behave well, so that you can take a break and the kids can have some snacks.

   3. Go Slow

While you should never drive recklessly, this tip especially applies when you have kids on board. A good idea is to leave early so that you won’t have to speed up just to make it in time. For particularly long trips, you might want to stop at parks so that kids can get out of the car for a bit and relax. Frequent breaks also provide an opportunity for kids to be active and burn off their excess energy. If you are lucky, they will probably doze off when they get back in the car.

4.  Ask Another Adult To Accompany You

Since it can get be hard to drive and manage kids at the same time, it is a good idea to have another adult with you so that they can deal with the kids while you drive. Adults traveling alone might be prone to distracted driving, but with another adult accompanying them, they can concentrate fully on driving.

5. Keep Them Engaged

It is a good idea to keep reading and coloring books, and toys with you while driving so that the kids stay busy with them while you drive.

Driving with kids introduces a host of new distracted driving challenges. Although keeping them engaged may work, don’t hesitate to pull over and calm them down if the racket becomes too much instead of despairing and wishing you could sell car in Abu Dhabi.

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