Ferrari to Introduce a V8 Hybrid Supercar this Year

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Ferrari makes some of the best supercars for sale! And this time they are coming up with an all-new, off-the-shelf  Ferrari V8 Hybrid Supercar with a hybrid drivetrain. It will launch at the end of 2019 and will be on sale by the start of 2020. Here’s everything you need to know about it. 

In keeping with reports from Automotive News, Ferrari does not plan to unveil the luxury vehicle at next month’s anticipated Geneva Motor Show but instead has given this model an entire unveiling ceremony to itself, giving it the awe and attention that it deserves. This new V8 hybrid is ranked as superior to the 488 Pista as it packs in greater power. Current Ferrari CEO, Louis Camilleri, vowed that sales for the V8 hybrid will surpass those of, for example, the 812 Superfast, with sales expected to commence from early 2020.

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The Hybrid V8 has worked to revolutionize Ferrari as a luxury vehicle company, as it allows the hybrid tech technology to push past the limited edition, luxurious cars arena and enter into a vehicle that is fit for regular, daily use. Louis Camilleri did not disappoint and imparted further details by confirming that by the year 2022, sixty percent of Ferrari model makes will have a fully-functioning, fully-equipped hybrid option. In short, this news entails that Ferrari’s collection includes a large variety of raw gasoline options as well as depicting how Ferrari is way ahead of its time.

The sizzling technology that Ferrari is working on is already predicted to have left its marks. Features of it appear in Maserati’s brand new Alfieri model that is set to compensate for the loss of GranTurismo.

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