Ferrari Presents the Brand New SF21 F1 car

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Recently, Ferrari has launched the SF21 car online and is the last among the 10 F1 teams to display the 2021 editions. The vehicle is titled SF21 for Scuderia Ferrari and boasts a new power unit. Visit CarSwitch website for buying used cars in Dubai.

Although the car is throughout red, a bright green logo from the sponsor is featured on the engine cover. According to the returning driver Charles Leclerc, “The color looks a little bit more dark compared to last year and there’s this other shade of red in the back of the car”.

He said that the green logo “was a last-minute change”. Moreover, the tricolor white, green and red is a representation of the Italian flag which is located at the front along with the Ferrari shield.


A major highlight of the vehicle is the engine. The team has designed the 065/6 power unit having extra thermal energy. This allows the generation of a tenth of a second per lap, an excellent energy recovery and a job in the turbocharger.

The team has also focused on creating a new gearbox along with updated suspension. Moreover, the cooling system has been modified as well.

It is Leclerc and the new teammate Carlos Sainz Junior who had the opportunity to drive the vehicle for the first time in a filming day at the Bahrain circuit. Overall, the car is a beautiful blend of the signature red and burgundy paintwork especially at the rear area. This layout is identical to the livery utilized in the beginning of the Ferrari vehicles and the 1000th Grand Prix exterior.

What’s new?

For the year 2021, the automaker has gone above and beyond to revise all aspects of the vehicle to maximize performance. For instance, the token and homologation systems were scrutinized and FIA was involved to lower the downforce. All of these efforts improved the architecture of the vehicle. 

A deeper insight to the 2021 design was generated by the different changes which were made in the layout of a footplate in the previous year. This footplate invoked a particular flow regime. The outwardly situated fin on top of the footplate is also changed. 

The style of the flap’s tips and the arc of the main plane where the neutral section appears have also been scrutinized. This allowed the revision of the vortex from the Y250 region. 

The nose is clearly changed and even though the rivals stuck to the design brought by Mercedes a few years back, Ferrari is determined to prove that the thumb style nose tip is capable of giving sufficient aerodynamic performance. 

The latest front wing was inspired by the Head of chassis named Enrico Cardile. As for the wing displayed in the launch of the car, it is identical to the one utilized in the last season. However, changes have been made to this as well which makes it obvious that it’s less of a placeholder than it first may appear to be. 

The SF21 boasts new sidepods. Much revision has been made to the midsection of chassis which resulted in an overwhelming curve. On the floor, the new carbon fiber work is reinforced. 

The S-duct has it’s inlet beneath the Kaspersky logo which is a new outlet and it discards the previous hood by utilizing the transition between the chassis and nose. This releases the airflow effectively. 

Other players in the field are using L-shaped fins to showcase their S-duct outlet. For a while, the Scuderia did not feature the fins but now, on both sides of its chassis, a quarter of ornate fins are visible. 

Wrapping it up

A great atmosphere has been made between the two riders in the pre season part. This is crucial to score outstanding results on the track which is why the Italian team has commended: 

“Sainz and Leclerc already do many meetings together, they work as partners. It is true that it is easy to have a good relationship during the preseason, but it seems that they are enjoying their moments together and this is a good starting point” as commented by the Ferrari sports director, Laurent Mekies. 

The president Elkann has also expressed: “It was good to see how Charles and Carlos have contributed to the preparation of the season with the mechanics. Everyone is ready to launch the car and do their best.”

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