FCA’s First Fully Electric, Fiat 500, Unveiled

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Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has unveiled the third-generation model of its 500 series. This vehicle is the first full-electric vehicle (EV). The model is the first of its kind produced by FCA. The version presented in the “La Prima” will only have 500 cars sold in each market. This model will hit the markets in early 2021, so until then, you can invest in some of the other impressive cars for sale in Abu Dhabi. The expert at CarSwitch.com did some research to share details about the new Fiat 500.

Fiat officials contend that the new generation model is a “blank sheet”, every single aspect of the car has been redone and redesigned to assist the electric powertrain. The much-anticipated model of the popularly known city car will have an approximate range up to 320km. The lithium-iron batteries occupy little space, their compact style makes them easily fit on the floor. This allows for increased occupant space. 

According to reports by Fiat, it will only take a maximum of five minutes to build up enough energy fuel to travel 48 km (roughly 30 miles), which is the average distance covered during daily commutes by most drivers living in urban countries. Being a city car, the new model focuses on making short journeys much more convenient. A fast charger can also boost up the battery in less time; about 80 per cent of the battery can be charged in just around 35 minutes or even less. 

The launch version comes with an “Easy Wallbox” – a charging system that can be connected to standard power outlets in houses. The regular power outlet in houses can be converted into a 3kW charger without a mechanic or an electrician. This home charging system ensures an easy charging process. The “plug-and-charge” mechanism can also be operated via Bluetooth.  

The new model comes with three exciting driving modes: Normal, Range and Sherpa. According to Fiat officials, the normal mode is very similar to “recreating driving an internal combustion engine“. The Sherpa mode will focus on the economy; it will set the maximum speed to 80km/h, turning off the climate control mechanisms and functions of heated seating and limiting the sensitivity of the throttle pedal. The range will come between the two, the new “one-pedal drive” will help increase the throttle causing significant deceleration while assisting the battery charging. 

The most interesting bit to note is that the system can employ emergency brakes in case the front camera senses a potential collision with any other car, a bicycle or even a pedestrian. 

The new model aims to make the driver’s life easier and provide them with maximum comfort and ease. Owners can observe and even set a time for the battery to be charged, they can trace the location of the car and even operate the locks and climate control mechanisms. The advanced navigation system and anti-theft measures can be monitored as well. In today’s day and age, it’s impossible to survive without Wi-Fi. Most drivers enjoy listening to music, podcasts, eBooks, or talking to their friends while on the commute. This new model serves as a Wi-Fi hotspot for around eight devices.  However, this is an additional feature and will only be available in selected markets. 

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