10 Fascinating and Passionate Car Cultures Around the World

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Car-owners, whether they have a used car or a sparkling new one, absolutely cherish their vehicles. We see it like we see our child, and for many it is an extension of their personality. We tend to give them a cool name, clean it everyday until it sparkles, decorate it to make it look beautiful and even perfume it to make sure it smells good to us or anyone else that’s taking a ride in it.

Carswitch gathered some of the most fascinating types of car cultures:

1. SoCal Low Riders

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SoCal Low Riders is a unique style of customized vehicles. These were painted with detailed, radiant designs and would have wire-spoke wheels with whitewall tyres.

These vehicles became an integral part of American culture with its roots from East LA. Its’ popularity stemmed from almost everything such as the music of war to John Hughes’ hit comedy Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

Due to its appearance and speed, SoCal Low Riders followed the famous theme ‘low, slow and go.’ But in this century, lowriders have a much more diverse culture with powerful intricately-designed engines.

2. Donks

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Everyone in Dubai has definitely seen Donks, even if they haven’t heard of it. It is painted in bright red, orange and purple colours – like the traditional American cars. It also has huge tyres (up to 30 inches) with accentuated wheels.

To fit in the bizarre world of Donks, the car has to look as odd as possible! The bigger and brighter, the better! If Donks had a personality, it would be a full-blown extrovert. Donks are not for the shy and timid ones!

3. Van Dwellers

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Van Dwellers were perfect for you if needed an escape from the daily stresses of life. It is basically a van with basic facilities such as a bed, toilet, sink, storage space and solar panels etc.

You can call it an unconventional way of living life that used to take place in the 1960s, but that is what people used to do. They would be on the roads with limited possessions but a lot of freedom.

These days, advanced technology has turned Van Dwellers into a good source of income via blogging.

4. Raggare (Greasers of Sweden)

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Raggare is a subculture found in Sweden, Norway and Finland. These cars are famously known for their love the 1950s American pop culture as well as hot rod cars. Raggare is a combination of classic American and vintage cars.

In today’s time, the Reggare is bought by middle-aged men who enjoy boasting their retro American cars. However, culturally, it retains its rural roots such as the blue-collar and low brow feel.

5. Rich Kids of Dubai

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This culture might be difficult to digest. Even the wealthiest will be shocked to see the cars that belong to the richest kids in Dubai.

When we say that the richest kid in Dubai has phenomenal cars. You have to remember that just the Dubai police department has cars ranging from Lamborghini, McLaren to Porche. So just imagine the kinds of cars these kids have!

These rich kids have a lifestyle beyond cars as well such as owning speed boats and yachts, sailing across Jumeirah beach! It’s insane.

6. Japanese Street Racers

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These Street Racers are an amalgamation of video games and car shows.

Contrary to many vehicle cultures, these Racers don’t want to hide their fancy cars but instead, show it off in full-blown style and action.

7. Japanese Dodge Van Racers

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One of Japan’s car culture includes racing huge vans which involve a lot of drifting around the track.

As an observer, you wouldn’t know how to react!

8. Japanese Bosozoku

In the 1950s, there were loud and annoying cars that roamed around the streets of Japan during the Rebels Without a Cause movement.

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The Japanese Bosozoku is a copy of that car at that time.

9. Ratrodders

Ratrodders only yearn for excellent power and performance in vehicles, it does not care much for appearances.

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Contrary to what it sounds like, the Ratrodder culture is a term of endearment.

10. Kustom Kulture

Kustom Kulture originated from the 1960s hot rod culture of Southern California.

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It describes the artwork, hairstyles, and fashion sense of those who drove and built custom cars and motorcycles in the US at that time.

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