FAQs on Vehicle Ownership Transfer in UAE

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There are many things to remember while changing car ownership. If you have questions about this topic, read the FAQs below. If you want to sell any car in UAE instead, visit CarSwitch. 

What documents are needed to transfer car ownership?

  • Emirates ID, passport copy and driver’s license of both buyer and seller
  • The car’s registration card
  • A new vehicle insurance contract in the name of the new buyer
  • The residence visa
  • The vehicle’s technical inspection certificate
  • If the owner took a car loan, bank clearance documents are also needed. These are a no objection certificate NOC and a release letter which will transfer the loan to the buyer

How much time does registration certificate transfer require?

Sorry RTOs say that transfer of car ownership takes 7 days. However, the general turnaround time for the registration certificate is 21 to 30 days. This also depends on the RTO.

How can I check the status of the transfer of registration certificate?

After you sell your vehicle, it is crucial to know whether the registration certificate has been transferred or not. This is because legally, you are still liable for the car. In order to check the status of transfer, SMS or websites are suitable options. 

What is the procedure of registration certificate transfer?

First, all pending Salik and traffic fines have to be paid off. This can be done at any Dubai Police station or on the official website. Afterwards, the required set of documents needed for the car ownership transfer have to be prepared. Both buyer and seller have to provide their identification documents. 

Then, the vehicle needs to go through a car test to get a pass report. This can be done by Shamil Center for only AED 140. After getting the pass report, the registration number plate can be changed. Lastly, insurance has to be renewed in the name of the new buyer. The vehicle ownership transfer will require AED 340. 

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How to transfer vehicle ownership between two Emirates?

Another usual question is how to transfer car ownership between two Emirates. In case the previous and new car owners belong to different Emirates, the process changes a bit. For instance, if a vehicle is being transferred to Dubai from a different Emirate, the following categories have to be fulfilled:

  • The vehicle will have to be transported to the different Emirate via a recovery truck because it is illegal to drive an unregistered vehicle without number plates. This will take at least AED 500. 
  • The vehicle has to be deregistered in the city of registration and then marked for export. 

Who pays for the car ownership transfer?

It is solely on the buyer to pay for the change of ownership. Prior to the sale of the car, it is advised to the seller to request evidence that the buyer has finished the needed sections for car ownership transfer. 

What is the cost of car ownership transfer in Abu Dhabi?

The price of car ownership transfer is AED 350. As for the new number plates, it will need AED 35 to AED 500. The cost of number plates depends on the it’s size and category. Small number plate is for AED 35, long number plate is for AED 50, luxury car plate is for AED 500, and the Dubai branded car plate is for AED 200. 

What is the cost of car ownership transfer in Dubai?

The buyer will have to pay AED 400 as the transfer fees. This price is specifically for light vehicles. Moreover, an innovation or knowledge fee is applied for AED 20.

Important things to remember

Keep the following points in mind while transferring car ownership:

  1. The seller needs to clear any pending traffic fines prior to the transfer
  2. Both the buyer and seller have to be physically present for the transfer to be made. If any party is unavailable, an authorized legal representative needs to be physically present instead. Moreover, the power of attorney when it comes to the name of a representative needs to be issued beforehand.
  3. The transfer of vehicle ownership after the death of the owner is a bit of a longer procedure. A legal representative has to be present in the Dubai court and get an issued letter with a death certificate. These documents have to be submitted to the service centre for the procedure to progress. 
  4. The application needs to add possession, registration, transfer or export service. 

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