Going Dune Bashing? Check Out Our guide to off-roading in UAE

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The UAE is a great place for off-roaders as a lot of cities are built on top of ancient deserts, and while most of the area resembles a metropolis, there are still some deserts left in the country. It could be a thrilling experience to drive your car on sand dunes and you don’t need to sell your car in Abu Dhabi for a bulky 4×4 if you are prepared. Here are some tips to ensure that your desert adventure is fun and safe.

  1. Inspect Your Car

Driving in a desert is not the same as driving in the city. That’s why it is essential that you prepare your vehicle in advance. First off, make sure every component is intact and working fine. Apart from that, it is also recommended that you install skid plates to save the undercarriage from abuse. Other essentials include large, all-terrain tires and a lift kit so that your SUV doesn’t scrape the sand when it’s moving.

As a precautionary measure, you can also keep a shove, extra tires, an air compressor, and tire pressure gauges.  Also, note that not every car is suitable for a dirt road. If you are an adventurer and you think you will be going on such trips often, you can try modifying an all-wheel-drive car. The thing with four-wheel drive trucks is that you can easily climb steep hills, make it through deep mud, and cross big rocks with them.

   2.  Prepare Yourself

Desert adventures can be demanding and tiring so it is essential that you be prepared for all the possibilities. For starters, make sure you get adequate sleep before heading out. Moreover, keep your car stocked with food and water. You can also keep topographic maps and make use of Google Earth to ensure you don’t get lost.

   3. Choose A Terrain Carefully

Driving off-road is nothing like driving on a road and you need to be a skilled driver in order to be able to tackle the tricky and constantly changing conditions you might encounter. You must also be capable of exercising precise control of your car. Apart from that, you should also have the skills and knowledge to recover a car that’s stuck. No need to sell your car in Abu Dhabi for a big off-roader, instead, just make all the necessary preparations before you head out.

It is also important that you know that simply glancing at a map before heading out isn’t enough as off-road conditions are constantly changing. You need to monitor the trail in front of you constantly and use your common sense to make safety a priority. If a trail looks tricky, you can go out on foot and check out the obstacles before trying to tackle them. However, if you find a challenging obstacle that you think you can’t tackle, don’t endanger your vehicle and life and turn around.

   4. Don’t Just Wander Anywhere

Even though it’s called off-roading, you shouldn’t just drive anywhere you want. Stay within designated trails. This will not just ensure that you don’t get lost, it will also protect the fragile environment around the dirt roads. Moreover, if you veer off the trails, it wouldn’t be good for your car because of the presences of logs, pits, boulders, mud, trees, and ditches.

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