6 Ways to Prevent Your Car from Being Stolen

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You need to be vigilant to avoid car theft in the UAE. A good many car thefts could have been avoided if the owners were a tad bit more careful. Here is how you can put a stop to thieves who sell your car in Abu Dhabi.

  1.    Keep Your Car Keys Safe

One of the first questions police asks when you report a stolen car is about the keys. A lot of people tend to hide their spare keys beneath their wheel-well or someplace else within the car but this is a well-known trick now and criminals have caught wind of it. That’s why it is essential that you keep your car keys in an undisclosed place and do not give them to anyone. Apart from that, you must also check if the car is locked manually when using the immobilizer as signal jamming has become commonplace now.

  1.    Don’t Leave The Car Unlocked

While this is a no-brainer, thousands of car thefts take place each year because people forget to lock their doors and windows, providing thieves with an easy entry into their cars. In fact, oftentimes people leave the car keys inside their car, making the process all the easier for criminals.

  1.    Do Not Park Your Car In Isolated Areas

Another tip to prevent a thief from selling your car in Abu Dhabi is parking intelligently. This means you should never park your car in isolated, abandoned areas such as sand squares. Whenever possible, park your car in a well-lit area, close to the CCTV cameras and possibly near the building entrance.

  1.    Do Not Leave Belongings Inside The Car

Leaving items, especially valuable ones such as electronics and handbags inside the car can prove to be a costly mistake as this would entice criminals to break into your vehicle to get the valuables and they may end up stealing your car. Even if they do not drive away with your car, you will be left with a broken window and without your valuables.

However, if you really need to keep something in your car, it’s advised that you keep it in the trunk or in a hidden spot so they are invisible to prying eyes.

  1.    Install An Anti-theft Device

Another step that you can take to prevent car theft is to install an anti-theft device as this will step up the security of your car. You can easily get such devices from auto tech shops and online retailers.

  1.   Don’t Leave A Running Car Unattended

Sometimes people step out of their cars after turning them on and this enables thieves to drive away with a stolen car effortlessly. Turning the car off doesn’t take too long and is a simple precautionary step to take to save yourself from a huge financial loss.

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