When you buy a car in Dubai, you would hope for it to run forever so that you wouldn’t have to make a hefty investment again. However, for this wish to come true you would have to treat your car with care and give it the much needed attention. Just make sure to follow the checklist below if you really wish to increase your car’s life.

  • Choose well: It goes without saying that your initial decision would determine the life of your car. Vehicles that are transferred through many owners tend to be more mishandled and would require much more attention to keep them going. So be wise when you select your car and check mileage to know how much it has been used.  
  • Take quick action: Delaying car repairs can make small defects grow into more serious problems that are far more costly and impact vehicle’s longevity.
  • Quality replacement parts: Always use approved and high-quality replacement parts. Cheap knock offs can save you money in the short term, but in the long term you will likely find yourself buying twice instead of once, and investing in quality in the first place may be a wiser decision.
  • Regularly service: Don’t wait for the engine light to turn to get the car checked, instead routinely service your car based on the manufacturer recommended intervals (typically every 5,000 to 10,000 kilometers of use). Ensure the filters, oils, and other consumable items are regularly replaced. This includes the transmission which needs regular oil monitoring too because lost lubrication can cause severe damage to the gearbox.
  • Drive Carefully: Accidents can greatly damage the car from the inside out. So as a rule of thumb it is good to drive carefully and equally important is to drive gently over speed bumps and rugged roads which are all bad for the tires, suspension and brakes of your car.  

Now that you know how to take care of your car, visit CarSwitch.com and choose your next companion on the road. Buying a car in Dubai couldn’t get any simpler than this.