Dubai Petrolheads, Do You Have a Faulty Car Transmission System?

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Dubai Petrolheads Get to Know If You Have a Faulty Car Transmission System
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Cars function on both electrical and mechanical systems. Identifying the problems with each respective system requires the assessment of different car parts. One such system of the car is the transmission system which can become faulty over time due to excess use. When this happens, it is sometimes best to sell car in Dubai, UAE. In order to identify a problem with the transmission system, watch out for these signs.

Stuck Gear: It often happens when you are trying to get into the first gear from a stop or trying to change between gears while driving. The root cause could range from a simple fluid problem, which can be easily checked by visually checking the oil level, to more serious clutch linkage damages, that can be quite costly to repair

Smelly Fumes: Overheated transmission will give out a whiff of burning transmission fluid. This would mean lost lubrication due to a leak or serve as a warning sign that the fluid has become dirty. Take your car to your local garage to  drain and replace the fluid. A much needed breath of fresh air for your transmission.

Noisy: Clunking sounds when changing gears? That’s your transmission acting up. A mechanical wear would mean parts need to be replaced – most probably the bearing. Do not confuse this with engine knocking which might produce similar noises.

Slipping Gears: A slipping gear in manual transmission would force the stick back into the neutral position and could potentially make you lose control of the car which is a major safety issue and should not be taken lightly. This issue may be resulting from worn out gear linkage and needs your immediate attention.

Clutch Dragging: This happens when the clutch fails to disengage from the flywheel when the driver attempts to push the clutch pedal and shift gears. This could be an indication of a worn out clutch. This problem could reduce your car’s gas mileage therefore it should be addressed in a  timely manner.

Grinding: A worn out or damaged synchros, which is your car’s transmission gear synchronizer, may be causing that grinding sound at the shift of a gear or alternatively a worn out clutch could be causing this problem.

Movement Delays: A lack of response or  a delay may signal a problem with the transmission system. The job of the transmission system  is to smoothly get into right gear each time. If the car is revving up or not moving as quickly then your car’s transmission might need attention.

Transmission is by far one of the most important systems in a car. Be it manual or automatic, you would need to make sure you take every possible step to ensure that it’s running smoothly. We at CarSwitch make sure with our 200 point check that when you buy or sell car in Dubai , UAE, your car’s transmission is in perfect shape.