Dubai Municipality Warns Owners of Dirty Cars!

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The Dubai municipality tweeted recently to remind people to not leave their cars unattended in a way that distorts the city’s appearance. This tweet was targeted at those who had left their dirty cars on the sidewalks and public parking spaces., an online marketplace to buy any car in Dubai, did some research to share the details with you.

Dirty cars hamper the cleaning operations undertaken by the city. Dubai municipality also introduced an SMS alert function in January. This system works by notifying people to remove their dirty or abandoned vehicles. The Waste Management Department began the crack down on the dusty and abandoned cars recently. 

Last year, the municipality released their one month campaign targeted at raising awareness about abandoned equipment and vehicles. Owners of such vehicles can be fined Dh500 under the campaign named “My Vehicle”. If the owner does not respond, the municipality confiscates their cars and keeps them for about a period of six months. If the owner of the car responds after their car has been confiscated, they have to pay a fine of Dh1,381, including the charges incurred for storage, towing and other purposes. If the car does not get claimed by an owner in the six month period, the car is auctioned. 

Leaving a car unattended for a long period can significantly affect its condition as well as resale value. Learn how to clean your dirty car here!

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