Dubai Imposes a 24-Hour Lockdown to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus

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Dubai has imposed a 24-hour lockdown for two weeks to contain the spread of COVID-19. Dubai had already been in an overnight curfew since March 26th, however, on 4th April, the Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management intensified the lockdown., an online marketplace for certified used cars in Dubai, has put together the details.

The Emirates News Agency, WAM, said that legal action could be taken against violators. However, services such as food and delivery, pharmacies and union cooperative outlets and supermarkets will remain operational. Only one member is permitted to leave the house for essential purposes. 

If you want to go out for food, medicine, health emergencies or COVID-19 testing, you would need to register for a permit through

People who work in vital sectors are exempted from the lockdown restrictions. They are permitted to leave the house to commute to work, but they must have their proof of identification and work ID with them and a letter from their employer explaining their movement to and from work.

The permitted sectors include:

  • Healthcare services
  • Food supply markets; groceries, supermarkets
  • Delivery services of food and medicine
  • Restaurants with home delivery options only
  • Manufacturers of medicine and healthcare supplies
  • Telecommunications sector
  • Media sector
  • Industrial Sector
  • Water and Electricity sector, along with gas stations
  • Municipality services
  • Airports, airlines, ports
  • Custom duty
  • Public transport ( buses and transport only)
  • Private and government helping to combat coronavirus
  • Construction sector

A discount of 50 per cent will be offered on taxis and free bus transportation is also available during this period. This move comes after the decision to suspend metro and tram services for 2 weeks. 

National Sterilisation Programme

The national sterilisation programme in Dubai is extended to all communities and areas across Dubai for 24 hours. The number of cases in UAE have jumped to 1,798 and the disinfection drive will cover sanitization of areas such as streets, public transport, and parks.

If one is leaving the house, masks and gloves should be worn and a safe distance must be kept from others.

If any of the above rules are broken, the offender may face fines and/or legal action may be taken against them. According to Dubai police, these rules have been put in place for the safety and well-being of the people and must be followed strictly.

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