COVID-19: Latest Developments Across the UAE

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With new cases of coronavirus emerging almost every day, the total number of cases in UAE now stands at 2,990. Meanwhile, the total number of deaths recorded is 14, whereas the number of recoveries are 268. As part of the efforts to combat the spread of COVID-19, UAE authorities have launched many new initiatives., an online marketplace for certified used cars for sale in Abu Dhabi, has put together the details of the latest developments and highlights!

Dubai Health Authority opens 3rd drive-through centre at Al-Nasr Club

To slow down the spread of coronavirus, Dubai Health Authority (DHA) recently announced that it has opened a drive-through testing facility at the Al-Nasr Club for the public. The centre will be open from 8 am to 6:30 pm everyday for both the nationals and expats. 

The centre can test in about five minutes without the person having to leave the car. The test results will be available in 2 days. It has the capacity to test 250 people in one day. Moreover, the testing facility will accommodate the elderly, chronic disease patients, pregnant women and people who exhibit coronavirus symptoms. It will be run by highly qualified and trained medical staff and ensure that the residents are in safe hands.

Call and book an appointment for the test

An appointment has to be booked before you head out for the test. Call DHA 800342, register yourself, after which you will receive a confirmation message. The person’s Emirates ID and the text message have to be shown for the test to be carried out.

After the verification is done, a Dubai Health Authority staff member will proceed towards the car, take a nasal swab and perform the test in five minutes. The test results can be viewed within 2 days by downloading the DHA app and clicking on “lab results”  and then “patient services”.

Just like other essential jobs, a move permit would need to be registered on to leave home for the test. You are advised to show the appointment confirmation message to the police as a valid reason to leave the house.

Abu Dhabi Launches a New Medicine Home Delivery Service

A great initiative has been taken by the Department of Health -Abu Dhabi will ensure that people can get their medicines delivered to their homes from pharmacies. Most of the outpatient pharmacies in Abu Dhabi have been approved to offer the delivery service. All the government and private pharmacies that are licensed by the Department of Health (DoH) and follow the DoH’s requirements and protocols are authorised for delivery services. Patients can now order directly from pharmacies and get their medicines delivered at home.

Zero deaths in Sharjah due to traffic accidents and an overall 84% decline in road accidents

Since the implementation of the nationwide sterilisation programme, there has been an 84% decline in traffic accidents. Lt Col Mohammed Allai Al Naqbi, director of traffic and patrols department at Sharjah Police pointed out that the will of the residents to stay in their homes and not step out, except for essential matters, has helped in reducing the number of accidents and maintaining road safety.

10% discount on utility bills for the next three months

Dubai residents would be pleased to know that as part of the dh1 billion stimulus package, there will be a 10% discount on electricity and water bills for 3 months. Dubai’s Crown Prince Shaikh Hamdan bin Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum tweeted, “Easing the cost of living by reducing water and electricity bills by 10% for all Dubai customers, including residential, commercial and industrial for a period of 3 months while reducing the deposit paid by 50%.”

All marriage and divorce filings at the Dubai court will be suspended

As part of UAE’s efforts to contain the spread of the coronavirus, all legal services such as marriage contract attestations and divorce proceedings are suspended by the Personal Status Court in Dubai. It has been done to safeguard public health.

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