9 Cheap Used Cars To Buy in Dubai | Under AED 15,000

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Cars have become an important part of ours; it is hard to imagine a regular life without a car. Automotives have advanced to a level that they have proven their importance with every step into the future. 

Buying a car has never been and is likely to never be an easy forte. CarSwitch to the rescue for every confused buyer looking for a car under AED 15,000. The hub where you can find used cars for sale in Dubai, brings you a list of cheap and comfortable rides.

Renault Safrane

The Renault Safrane is a five-seater sedan, with an automatic transmission and 2 wheel drive. It comes with power steering, cruise control, parking sensors, keyless start and power-folding mirrors to add to its luxurious feel. It is a comfortable family car that is fuel-efficient and fit for a regular comfort drive. 

Nissan Tiida 

Nissan, known for its comfort drive, has another model that comes with great features in its economical range. The Nissan Tiida, a five seater sedan and hatchback comes with an automatic transmission and 2 wheel drive. It comes with the basic power locks and power steering. It is a basic drive and can be used as a family car. 

Chevrolet Sonic

Adding another sedan to our list, we have the Chevrolet Sonic which is an economic drive that accommodates five passengers. It has an automatic transmission with a 2 wheel drive. It comes with power wheel controls, power windows, power locks and power steering. These are additional comfort features that make the car high in demand for its price. The parking sensors are an additional luxury feature for this fuel efficient family car. It’s GCC features are an add on for the buyers in Dubai. 

Ford Focus 

Hatchbacks are considered more economic than sedans, hence on our list is the Ford Focus. A five seater hatchback with an automatic transmission. It is a 2 wheel drive with steering wheel controls and power steering. Additionally, it comes with all basic needs of airbags, heating, radio and air conditioning. This basic ride is fuel efficient and known for its comfort. 

Mazda 6 

The Mazda 6 is a sedan with five seater accommodation and an automatic transmission. It has a 2 wheel drive and comes with a 2-liter engine. It has power steering and comes with parking sensors to add to its luxury features. It is a cheap car which comes with the basic requirements of airbags, heating, air conditioning etc. 

Volkswagen Golf

This hatchback Volkswagen Golf has a great deal of features when it comes to buying a car under AED 15,000 that too in Dubai! This five seater has an automatic transmission with a 1.6L V4 engine. It has a 2 wheel drive with power steering and power windows. The cruise control and parking sensors add to its luxurious built. It also has a sun and moon roof and digital display adding to the comfort and luxury of this family car. Being fuel efficient, this is a good deal for a car this cheap. 

Nissan Sunny

The Nissan Sunny is a basic sedan ride that comes with an automatic transmission and a 1.5L I4 engine. It can accommodate five passengers and is a comfortable family vehicle. It comes with the basic necessities for comfort and entertainment. 

Mitsubishi Lancer

This automatic transmission 2 wheel drive is a five seater sedan. It has a four cylinder 1.5L engine. It has power steering and power windows along with a reversing camera. It is a basic family car. 

 Peugeot 207

The Peugeot 207 a compact hatchback known for its exterior is an automatic transmission with room for four passengers. It has all the basic features for a car, yet known as a luxury exterior. It comes with power steering and parking sensors. 

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