4 Greatest Car Tech Failures UAE Residents Might Not Have Heard Of

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You might have heard of flying cars and self-driving cars but we bet you have never heard of these four interesting car technologies. They didn’t last long but that doesn’t mean they were entirely pointless. Or were they? Take a look and decide for yourself! You might not be able to find such cars on the market but you can still select from these used cars in Dubai, UAE.

  • The Talking Car

used cars in DubaiIn modern cars we are used to satellite navigation systems giving us directions but wouldn’t it be cool if a talking car went beyond that.  The idea has been around for a while. In fact, in 1981, the 810 Maxima by Datsun was introduced as the first talking car. Sad that it only had six phrases in its vocabulary, including “Lights are on” and “Door is open.” What we wouldn’t give for a car like KITT from the Knight Rider series!

  • The Nuclear-Powered Car

used cars in DubaiEver heard of Ford’s Nucleon? You might have spotted one in the cityscapes of the post-apocalyptic RPG series, Fallout. Instead of an internal-combustion engine, this concept car was supposed to be powered by a small nuclear reactor in the trunk. Good thing the idea was shelved once the dangers of radiation became common knowledge.

  • Automatic Seat Belt

used cars in DubaiIt may sound like a good idea in theory but in practice, it wasn’t very useful. The automatic seat belt was affixed to the door frame so when the door was shut it would automatically fasten itself around the shoulder. In 1975, the Volkswagen Rabbit was the first car to feature it and the Toyota Cressida in 1981 included it as a standard feature. With the advent of airbags in 1995, the tech just disappeared overnight.

  • The Turbine-Powered Car

used cars in DubaiHave you ever wished your car had a jet engine? Apparently, so did these guys at Chrysler. Enter the 1962 Chrysler Turbine; the first gas-turbine-powered production car that sounded like a jet engine and required no warm-up time. Unfortunately, the tech never caught on and only 55 Turbine were ever built. Most were destroyed but nine survived, and today, they are worth a fortune.

It seems like hardly any of these technologies made a lasting impression but these upcoming car techs sound promising. Now, if you are looking for well-maintained used cars in Dubai with modern tech, you are in luck. CarSwitch has an extensive inventory of used cars for sale in Dubai, UAE that you can browse through to find your dream car. Try it out!