5 Car Emergency Tools That Can Help Save Lives in the UAE

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tools for used cars in Dubai, UAE
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You never know what awaits you at the next turn. That’s why it is best to be prepared for all sorts of scenarios. While most cars come equipped with standard tools like a spare tire, car jack, a jump starter, some wrenches or sockets; there are some extra tools that you need to start storing in your car right away. In the case of a road accident or emergency, these can make the difference between life and death, so pay attention folks. And remember, if you are looking to buy used cars in Dubai, UAE, make sure they are safe and roadworthy.

  • Water Bottles: Imagine if a car breakdown leaves you stranded in a remote area under the scorching UAE sun with no other car in sight. Not a pretty picture, right? You might be able to survive without food but not without water. Bottled water can be a real lifesaver in such a situation.
  • Knife: Not only can a knife come in handy for car repair work like cutting rubber hoses or wires, it is also a useful item in case of an emergency. Sometimes, due to an accident, the seatbelt mechanism malfunctions. To set yourself free or help someone else out, a knife can be used to cut the seatbelt.
  • Flashlight: If your car breaks down at night or an accident results in broken headlights, a flashlight can be your best friend. You can use it to signal other drivers or possibly fix your car. Keep one in the glove box with the batteries separate so they are fresh when you need them.
  • Crowbar: A crowbar may be heavy and crude but it can be a useful tool in a variety of situations. For example, in the case of an accident when the door is jammed, you can use the crowbar to pry it open or smash a window to help survivors. It can also be used for protection if needed or as a lever.
  • Fire Extinguisher: In the blazing UAE summers when cars are spontaneously catching fire, a fire extinguisher has become an indispensable tool. Get a compact one, learn to use it, and keep it within reach; under the driver’s seat, for example, rather than in the trunk.  

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