BMW Unveils the 2020 8-Series Gran Coupe!

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Bmw unveils the 2020 8-series Gran Coupe!
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Are you a BMW fan and want to find out everything you can about the 8-series coupe and convertible version? This new grand tourer comes with four doors and is sure to appeal to an even wider audience!, an online marketplace for buying and selling any car in Abu Dhabi, has compiled this guide to help you learn more about this latest addition to the lineup. 

The 2020 8-Series Gran Coupe gives off an athletic vibe. However, this car can also prove to be perfect for those who are looking for a family sedan. 

The 2020 8-series Gran Coupe is defined by its fastback roof and a unique A-pillar rearward. The silhouette of the car is beautiful but what sets its apart from the lineup, is its unique rear styling. It is 9 inches longer, 2.2 inches taller, 1.3 inches wider and has a 7.9 inches longer wheelbase.

The new 8-Series Gran Coupe will be available in two versions, 840i and M850i xDrive. The 840i or 840i xDrive will be powered by a robust 3.0L turbocharged inline-six. Churning out 335 hp with 368 lb-ft torque, the 840i will go from 0-60 mph in 4.9 seconds while driving on 18-inch wheels. Optional 19- and 20-inch tires are also available. If you opt for 840i XDrive, the figure will go down to 4.6 seconds due to its all-wheel drive system.

BMW 8-Series M850i xDrive is for those who love a luxurious yet adventurous family ride. Similar to its 2-door coupe variant, it will house a sturdy 4.4L twin-turbo V8 powerhouse. It pushes out a scorching 523 horsepower and 553 lb-ft torque. It will be available as an all-wheel-drive and propel from 0-60 mph in only 3.7 seconds. Along with these impressive figures, it gets an M sport differential, distinct aerodynamics, adaptive M suspension and numerous optional upgrades. Moreover, you can also go for its optional carbon fibre roof.

The 8-speed automatic transmission comes as standard with both engines. This transmission comes with launch control and a predictive shifting software which uses GPS.  

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The interior of this Gran Coupe shares many traits with its 2-door coupe sibling except for the rear seats. The door panels and dashboard of the 2020 8-series Gran Coupe are wrapped with Nappa Leather. The seats of the 840 variants are stitched with Vernasca Leather which is available in three colors. On the other hand, the M850i gets seats with Merino Leather in either a one or two tones. The cabin also features ambient lighting along with additional headroom, legroom and trunk space.

2020 8-Series Gran Coupe! rear selling any car in Abu Dhabi

The center console has a rotary knob at the front and extends to the rear seats. It allows access to USB ports, air vents and storage trays to the rear passengers. Behind the steering wheel, there’s a 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster and for entertainment, you’ll find a 10.25-inch touch screen. 

It certainly looks immaculate but will it be the ultimate family tourer? Those who are selling any car in Abu Dhabi to switch to a family car have a lot of expectations. Only time will tell, whether this Gran Coupe lives up to those expectations. The 2020 8-Series Gran Coupe will go into production this July and arrive in the US by September. We hope it reaches the UAE shortly after that. If this is not the kind of family car you’re looking for, you might find one on!

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