The Best-Selling Cars in UAE

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UAE is the unwritten capital of supercars with its own share of lucrative cars. It’s a paradise for car lovers which is why the best automakers of the world heavily invest in the UAE car market. If you’re wondering what are the best-selling vehicles in the UAE, keep on reading. 

Toyota Camry

Toyota is one of the greatest automakers in the world. It is also the top-selling manufacturer in the Middle East and Asia. Statistics reveal that Toyota Camry is the best selling car all over the UAE. 

It is packed with valuable safety features and the latest tools. Any average salaried person can buy a Toyota Camry in the UAE which is why the public loves it. Each year, the brand introduces 3 various models of Toyota Camry. Each model differs a bit in cost and specifications so that all types of customers and their preferences are satisfied. 

Toyota Corolla

The popularity of the Toyota brand in UAE does not stop at Camry.  Corolla is the second most best-selling vehicle in the region. It is a part of the compact lineup by Toyota. It is famous for the same reasons why Camry is popular. 

Toyota Corolla is a great saloon car having decent fuel efficiency, appealing exterior, dependability, latest features and ideal cabin space. 

Similar to Camry, Corolla arrives in three various models having little differences between each other. It is undoubtedly the ideal family car in the UAE. 

Mitsubishi Pajero

This is one of the most preferred off-road 4-wheel vehicles in the UAE. Mitsubishi Pajero is a perfect balance between upscale off-road performance and great fuel efficiency. This is why it is so likeable in the UAE. Pajero effortlessly rides on the challenging terrain with it’s 3.5 liter V6 engine. 

You can take this car to mountains and sand dunes. Apart from the huge boot area and a big interior, Mitsubishi Pajero offers power steering as well. Both manual and automatic transmission options are available. 

Nissan Altima

This is considered to be an affordable luxurious saloon car. It’s the 4th most best-selling vehicle in the UAE. Nissan Altima boasts a powerful motor and stylish cabin. It acts as a tough rival in the middle sized saloon cars. 

Nissan Altima has a high resale value in the UAE. If you want an attractive saloon car with great power and excellent specifications, you should pick Nissan Altima. 

Hyundai Elantra

This is technically a sedan but it’s known as a sports car due to the powerful 1.6 or 2.0 mpi variant engine and superior aerodynamics. Hyundai Elantra is often seen on the roads of UAE. You can think of it as a quick saloon car. It is affordable and even an average salaried person can buy it. 

Nissan Patrol

If you want aesthetic and elegant 4-wheel cars in UAE, Nissan Patrol should be your pick. It offers a complete package in terms of comfort, powerful off-road performance and huge cabin. This is a true adventure car. 

Even with it’s huge 5.6 liter V8 engine, it’s fuel efficiency is impressive. The blend of the latest HBMC system serves the purpose of a stabilizer and a shock absorber. Both refine the comfort of driving during off-roading. 


When we talk about ultra luxurious cars of UAE, this vehicle gains the highest position in consumers’ favourite. BMW X5 is a thrilling car with a credible history of comfort and beat performance. 

The reason why it’s so popular in the UAE is because as compared to other luxurious cars, this one is very cheap. It’s fueled by an Intercooled Turbocharged Premium Unleaded I-6, 3 liter engine. BMW X5 boasts high speed but lacks adventure driving. However, this gap is filled with it’s style and sophistication. 

Mercedes E-Class

This is the most luxurious car on this list. It is very popular in the UAE, especially in Dubai. This is because Mercedes E-Class is an excellent blend of superior specifications and class. A comfortable driving experience is guaranteed with Mercedes E-Class. 

The most common model of this car is it’s entry level model. It is known as the Mercedes E200 which is powered with a 2 liter turbocharged 4 cylinder engine that pumps out 185 hp. This is not an affordable car in the UAE. However, in the futuristic and expensive city of Dubai, it is easy to frequently spot a Mercedes E-Class. 

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