The Car for the Survivalists in the UAE

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If you are a survivalist and wondering what car can help you survive a Zombie takeover in the UAE, we have the answer! The massive Russian ATV, Avtoros Shaman 8×8, is made-for-purpose! You might not find it among used cars for sale in Dubai, UAE at this point but you never know, so start saving. For now, let’s take a look at what makes it an ideal post-apocalyptic vehicle.

  • The Ultimate Post-Apocalypse ATV

used cars for sale in Dubai, UAEDelivering a horsepower of 146 and 350Nm torque, the Avtoros Shaman can tackle all sorts of terrains, even water. This amphibious vehicle is ideal for extreme weather conditions. Not to mention its specially designed low-pressure tires allow it to easily travel through marshes, shallow lakes, rivers, and tundra. In a post-apocalyptic world you never know what sort of obstacles you might encounter but with a Shaman, you would be prepared for anything.

  • No Messing Around with this One

used cars for sale in Dubai, UAEAn imposing military vehicle whose sheer size is enough to put anyone in awe, the Shaman is not a vehicle to be messed around with. A single Shaman takes two months to manufacture so there are plenty of customization options. In event of a zombie apocalypse, you could probably even weaponize it. Just a thought.

  • Get Noticed

used cars for sale in Dubai, UAEDid we mention how massive it is? The Avtoros Shaman 8×8 is 20 feet 6 inches long and 8 feet 2 inches wide, so it’s clearly designed to make a statement. Good thing is, that unlike other ATVs, it’s enormous size has no negative effect on its maneuverability or handling. There are three steering options on-road (front 4-wheel drive), off-road (active rear wheel steering) and ‘Crab Mode’ (all 8 wheels move in sync).

  • Room for your Buddies

used cars for sale in Dubai, UAEGiven its intuitive and responsive controls, even amateur drivers can handle the Shaman. The windshield’s field of view is more than enough for safe driving. And when it comes to the interior, there is enough space inside to fit at least nine people and plenty of storage space besides. Good for stocking food and supplies when you are out there in the wild!  

The Final Verdict: The Avtoros Shaman is an ideal ATV for your post-apocalyptic driveway. The price tag (about 410K) is heavy for this one, but then again it’s not your average, everyday vehicle. The Shaman shows exemplary stability on the road, so we are sure nobody would mind if you start driving around the UAE in one. Or if you are looking for other large used cars for sale in Dubai, UAE that might fit your budget at this time, try Happy hunting!

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