Like all other major cities of the world, Dubai and Abu Dhabi have seen an increase in the number of vehicles on the road and this has made traffic jams a norm. So much so, that frustrated drivers think that it is better to sell your car in Dubai instead of being stuck in a hopeless jam. However, with a little acumen and pre-planning, you can try and avoid traffic jams. Here are some tricks you can try:

  1. Steer Clear Of  Congested Places

Places such as Jumeirah Lake Towers, Karama, Mamzar, Deira, and International City are often congested because a good many people reside there and these places also have a lot of offices. So, unless you absolutely have to, it is recommended that you avoid these areas. And when you do go, try not to go during the weekends or holidays.

  1. Avoid Rush Hour

Most office workers leave home for work around 9:00 am and set out from their office at 5:00 pm so it is recommended that you avoid these hours. If you have to be somewhere at these times, it is advised that you leave an hour earlier to avoid the rush hour. Alternatively, you may also consider leaving one hour later as by that time all the work-related traffic would die down.

  1. Select An Alternative Route

Although an alternative route can sometimes seem long, in reality, it can save your time as traffic jams sometimes take very long to clear. So the next time you are stuck in traffic, choose an alternative course instead of wishing you could sell your car in Abu Dhabi.

  1. Take Some Other Transport

One of the major reasons why roads get jammed is that people usually prefer to ride their own cars instead of taking some sort of public transport which won’t just be cost-efficient but also less damaging to the environment. In the UAE, you have a lot of options such as metro, tram, bus, and taxi services and they are available 24/7. Alternatively, you can also carpool to your location or take out your bicycle.

  1. Use Technology

There are many smartphone apps available, such as the increasingly popular Waze that provide live traffic updates and warn you about potential traffic jams in advance. You can also check Google Maps, which comes pre-installed on most Android smartphones to find out about the best alternative route for your destination.

You may also get a GPS tracking system like Mapon installed in your car as it will suggest different routes to you so that you can get to your desired location as smoothly as possible. Other options include listening to the radio for live traffic updates and reading the newspaper to be aware of things such as construction works that result in blocked roads or traffic jams.

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