Warning Issued for Motorists Driving in the Fast Lane by Abu Dhabi Police!

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Warning for the motorists driving their used cars Abu Dhabi in fast lanes!
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Police has warned the drivers of used cars in Abu Dhabi to be careful when driving in the fast lane as driving slower than other motorists can lead to traffic accidents. Abu Dhabi police shared this public service message on Thursday by posting a video on all their social media accounts. CarSwitch.com gives to the details. 

In order to decrease the amount of accidents, the police have urged motorists to not change lanes unnecessarily and to avoid driving slow in the fast lane. Moreover, they have also asked drivers to follow traffic rules and stay in the speed limit for the safety of road users as well as their own. Make sure you know how to safely merge lanes before you take your car into the UAE traffic.

Keep to the right on the highways with multiple lanes and let faster cars drive in the left lanes. In case a car is trying to overtake you from the right side, shift to a slower lane to your right. Lane swerving can lead to tragic accidents. Here are a few things you can do to keep the lane discipline.

  • Always keep your car in the center of the lane, and don’t drive on the left or right side of your lane. 
  • As per Article 10.5, UAE Federal Traffic Law number 21, 1995, a driver is only allowed to pass other cars that are travelling in the same direction on the left. It is illegal to overtake other cars from the right.
  • Use your indicator to signal lane changes and look carefully around you to change your lane safely.
  • When stopping at a red signat, make sure you’re on the same side of the road that you want to be on after the interchange. 
  • When moving to the traffic from the acceleration lane, give way to approaching traffic and don’t bully your way in.

Make sure to follow these while driving your used cars Abu Dhabi. If you’re planning to buy or sell your car in the UAE, CarSwitch.com can help you do so quickly without any hassles!

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