Emergency Vehicle Warnings Will Be Given Through Car Radios by Dubai Police!

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Emergency vehicle warnings will be given through used car in Dubai radios by iDubai Police!
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Giving way to emergency vehicles has been highlighted many times before. Now, a radio alert will be sent to your used car in Dubai to make you aware of oncoming emergency vehicles. Dubai Police communicated this through a demonstration video shared on their twitter page. CarSwitch.com gives you the update.

Dubai Ambulance vehicles will be fitted with a device which will help them pass through traffic safely and quickly. These transmitters will send messages which interrupt car radios to warn motorists that they need to make way for an approaching emergency vehicle. 

The warning message ‘Attention! Emergency vehicle approaching. Kindly give way.’ will play on radios for drivers blocking traffic in front of emergency vehicles. This warning is for motorists who respond slowly to an oncoming emergency vehicle or those who drive dangerously once they realize they are causing an obstruction.

This initiative is part of the Give way Give Hope campaign which intends to get emergency vehicles to patients quickly. Not that long ago, three supercars were also added to the Dubai ambulance fleet under the same campaign to decrease emergency response time for accidents.

Previously, Abu Dhabi authorities had also increased fine for not giving way to emergency vehicles. In Dubai, not giving way to the emergency fleet of official convoys can lead to a fine of AED 3,000 along with 6 black points. Moreover, cars can also be impounded for 30 days under this offence. A similar plan was also launched in Sharjah earlier this year as well. 

Following traffic rules is a must if you want to travel safely in your used car in Dubai. For the latest news about cars in Dubai, stay up to date with CarSwitch.com!

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