6 Tips to Get the Best Sound Quality in Your Dubai Used Car

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“Never underestimate the therapeutic power of driving and listening to very loud music.” – This quote holds true for many of us! Nothing is more enjoyable than a long drive in your used car in Dubai with good quality music. The keyword here is quality. Bad speakers can ruin the singers’ voice and butcher all chords of the guitar. We bring you effective tips so you can enjoy and sing along to your favourite tunes during long drives:

  1. Replace old speakers: Nothing ruins the mood more than hearing music through out-dated rusty speakers. Often, the factory-installed speakers in your car provide poor sound quality because they are made from low-quality materials. If you really want a smooth sound, invest in good speakers! You can read reviews online and consult friends to make an informed decision. Good speakers ensure that you hear every single instrument being used in the composition of the song. A good pair of speakers is a treat to the ears. 
  2. Install an amplifier: An amplifier helps increase the sound output of speakers. This makes bass clearer and ensures that you hear all the sound effects in the song. High-quality sound is guaranteed to make your favourite songs more enjoyable.
  3. Use high-quality music files: This is more important than we realize. The quality of music files that we use determines the quality of sound we hear through the speakers. You should ideally pick files with a higher bit rate, and avoid using compressed files. These small factors really matter. Going through the task of updating your music system will be useless if your music files are of low quality. 
  4. Add a subwoofer: Subwoofer is the cherry on top of your sound system. It helps balance out the sound output, in addition to the booming effect it provides. You can also adjust a subwoofer according to your tastes and likes in music. Once you’ve driven with a subwoofer, your drives will be incomplete without it.
  5. Invest in an equalizer: Frequency response peaks are created because sound bounces off the car surfaces such as glass and plastic used in the interior. As a result, the sound can be distorted and painful to the ears. An equalizer can counter this problem because it irons out frequency peaks in the audio file and compensates for different tonal side effects. An equalizer can help you avoid hearing static and buzzing noises. 
  6. Sound-proof your vehicle: No one likes hearing the continuous hustle and bustle of streets, and horns and loud voices ruin the feel of the music. The best way to counter these unwelcome interruptions is to install sound-deadening materials in your car. Materials like Dynatape, Hushmat, and Dynamat can be used to effectively sound-proof your car.  

Music is one of the essentials of a good long drive, and listening to bad quality music can ruin your driving experience. To further enhance your driving experience, consider investing in pre-inspected and certified used cars in Dubai through CarSwitch.com! 

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