Messy headlights, a bad smell in the car, or the scorching summer heat, hacks to overcome these issues are a dime a dozen on the popular media. CarSwitch swears by these 5 car hacks because we realize the importance of keeping a car in tip-top condition whether you want to keep it for the long haul or sell your car in the near future!

  1. Get your wipers cleaned the easy way!

If your windshield wipers are not getting the job done properly, you don’t have to change them right away. All you need for clean windshield wipers is some rubbing alcohol and silicone grease. Simply wipe the blades with some rubbing alcohol and let them dry. Follow it up with silicone grease to get your vipers working as good as a new car for sale! In case your windshield is blurry as well, here are some tips to make your windshield look like new.

  1. An air-freshener from the kitchen

If someone was eating something in your car, chances are that the air will become foul after a while. Some common sources of car odour include food, drinks and smoke. Over time a spilled drink or leftover food can settle into the car crevices and create an unpleasant aroma. Coffee is a great solution! Leave a cup of ground coffee in your car overnight, or opt for beans. A sweet smelling car is important if you want a pleasant car experience or are planning to sell your car!

  1. Toothpaste is not just for teeth

Clean headlights can help you drive much more safely. However, the right chemicals can sometimes be hard to find. We have a solution for you, though. In the truest creative fashion, a toothbrush can go from brushing your teeth to cleaning your headlights! Toothpaste contains active sulfate cleaning agents that are known for being vigorous cleaners. So, you need not look further than your bathroom for clean headlights!

  1. The Coca Cola and Chrome love affair

Coke is not just one of the most popular drinks but it is also great for cleaning the chrome parts of your car. If your chrome coated parts are getting rusty, this handy hack is all you need to remove rust from chrome finished surfaces! Coke has carbonic acid that reacts with the metal oxides to remove rust and tarnish from a variety of metals. The citric acid and phosphoric acid also removes rust and stains. If you are looking to clean the chrome parts of your car, nothing is as effective as scrubbing with Coca Cola and some aluminium foil!

  1. Your Glove compartment can be a mini fridge!

In the majority of cars, the AC blows into the glove compartment and some cars even have a wheel to open the ventilation. You can use the glove compartment to store chocolates, medicines or anything that needs to be stored at low temperatures!

We hope these car hacks can make your life a bit easier and increase the resale value of your car in case you want to sell your car! If you’re planning to sell your car soon, look no further than We can find your ride a new, loving home by offering the best deals!