5 Crazy Features That Can be Found in Premium Luxury Cars in Abu Dhabi

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You’d be surprised by some of the add-ons and features that can be found in some of the luxurious cars for sale in Abu Dhabi these days. Did you know that some luxury cars even have picnic sets of refrigerators? CarSwitch.com has compiled a list of five crazy features that you are unlikely to find in ordinary vehicles.

1. Refrigerators

Who would have thought your fancy car would have its very own refrigerator? Well, if you hand over enough money for this feature, you’ll be able to chill your drinks comfortably. You can have this feature if you buy cars such as the Rolls-Royce Phantom or Bentley Mulsanne. Even then, the refrigerator isn’t going to be part of the standard package, as you’ll have to order it separately.  

2. Power doors

This feature would appear as standard even in today’s less expensive cars, right? Wrong, because you forget, we aren’t talking about power windows or power steering, we’re talking about power doors. Luxury car manufacturers will give you the option to opt for a power door, in case you don’t want to close the door yourself. There are automakers that provide the option of closing the door with the push of a button, while more advanced models can detect if you’re sitting in the car and then those doors close automatically. Luxury sedans such as the BMW 7 Series offer soft-close doors as a standard package, but these vehicles don’t come cheap.

3. Real leather

Keep in mind that ordinary cars ship with synthetic leather, while those commanding a higher price feature real hide that is hand sewn. However, you’ll have to cough up between $1,000-$3,000 for this addition, if you appreciate that extra touch of luxury. It is also likely that real hide won’t degrade as fast as synthetic leather, so you’ll have several years before you have to replace them.

4. Complete picnic set

Picnics are enjoyed outdoors, where you spread a large piece of cloth on green grass, under the full sun, and open your basket to reveal a variety of snacks and treats. If your wallet can bear the force of affording a luxury car, then you’ll be pleased to know that some models are offered with optional folding picnic tables for when you want to layout your favourite drinks or snacks. A full setup is offered by Bentley for its Bentayga, but it will cost a whopping $27,500.

5. Privacy curtains

If you’re a celebrity or popular and want to avoid the paparazzi, you can get custom curtains when you purchase a luxury car. This feature can be triggered by the simple press of a button. However, companies like Bentley charge around $16,000 for this feature.

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