5 Car Batteries with the Longest Lifetimes

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Things to Consider before Purchasing a Car Battery 

As important as batteries are, they are bound to fail at some point. And when it does, you’ll have to search for a replacement which means you need to know what you’re looking for. Automotive batteries have categories of terminal placement, shape, and size. Not only do you have to determine which battery is appropriate for your vehicle, but you have to find the one with the best lifetime. 

Batteries fuel the starter motor which makes the car run. The battery is also responsible for the electrical system. After a certain period, the battery loses its ability to hold a charge and obviously some batteries give many years of service before reaching this point. 

Although the features of cold-cranking amps, cranking amps, and reserve capacity are good to know, they aren’t useful for a lifetime. On average, a battery lasts for 4-6 years and inferior batteries die way before this. If you want to maintain the lifetime of batteries, internal construction and owner management are crucial. 

Battery should not be left discharged for a long time and should not be frequently discharged. This can be avoided by the owner. Another factor that influences the lifetime is construction. Premium batteries can resist vibrations perfectly and are less vulnerable to damage or internal plates jostling. 

Another danger is the accumulation of sediment between the plates which leads to the battery discharging automatically via an internal short. This decreases the lifetime of batteries. However, high-quality batteries avoid this problem as they come with a dedicated space to collect sediment. With the clarity of plates, they can run smoothly for a long time. 

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Below are the best car batteries you can trust to have a long lifetime. 

Motorcraft Tested Tough Max Battery

This brand is highly reliable and long-lasting. Motorcraft offers 3 years of free replacement warranty and 5 years of prorated warranty. With 1090 cranking amps, 150 minutes of reserve power, and 850 cold-cranking amps, this battery powers perfectly. It also fits ideally in its place. 

ACDelco Advantage AGM Automotive Battery

This battery is popular for its ability to fit great in cars. Moreover, it stands up better than others to cycles of recharging and draining. This is due to the AGM technology. AGM is an abbreviation for absorbed glass mat and it refers to the sulfuric acid of the battery added to the absorbent mats of fiberglass instead of moving in cells. This technology effectively boosts the performance of the battery. 

Odyssey Automotive and LTV Battery

Boasting tons of cranking power, especially cold-cranking amps (950), is the reason why this battery stands out. Odyssey LTV and automotive battery guarantee a smashing starting power. This battery is a sprinter (high burst cranking) and a long-distance runner (able to withstand deep recharging and discharging). 

Usually, the majority of batteries in the market offer one of both qualities, instead of both. This is why it’s the high price is justified because you get what you pay for. And if you are wondering about the weight of this beast, it is 60 pounds of genuine lead! Mega cranking and extraordinary high quality are the reasons why customers love it. 

Optima Batteries RedTop Starting Battery

Offering premium packaging and high cranking power, the Optima battery is appreciated. It comes with a unique plastic holder in order to adjust the height of various cars. You will observe this battery giving a significant power upgrade to the starter motor. It goes beyond the conventional factory battery and this becomes obvious from the first time you drive the vehicle. 

Delphi MaxStart AGM Premium Automotive Battery

This is another absorbed glass mat design option and it is designed by compact internal components which offer high resistance to road vibrations. Bumpy terrain can damage the sulfuric acid and plates of the battery which decreases its lifetime. 

However, the Delphi MaxStart AGM Premium Battery is here to solve this problem by being 20 times more resistant to vibrations than a standard car battery. 

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