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During the lifetime of a car, it’s possible to replace the battery a few times. Batteries can be worn out and get exposed to heat. However, the lifetime of batteries can be elongated if you take care of it and focus on its condition. 

This way, you can predict when it’s time for a replacement instead of searching for a new battery when it finally gives out. Below are the details regarding types of batteries and size guide to opt for the best battery. If you want to sell any car in UAE, hop on to the CarSwitch website. 

Know the types of car batteries

There are two mainstream types of batteries – advanced absorbed glass mat (AGM) and the traditional maintenance-free variety. 

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There was a time when drivers had to regularly top off the water in the electrolyte solution of the battery. Electrolyte solution is actually the liquid that serves as the power supply for the battery. But with time, maintenance-free batteries arrived that require less water than the previous ‘flooded cell’ ones. 

These low-maintenance batteries maintain the fluid for the lifetime of batteries and the caps are not removed. There is another type of battery which can last longer in hot temperatures. These can be topped off with distilled water and maintained properly. 

Lead-acid batteries usually are priced lesser than the absorbed glass mat batteries. But it is unable to hold charge for a long time and is less capable of bearing a deep discharge.

Absorbed glass mat (AGM)

These modern batteries are designed to tolerate consecutive draining and recharging cycles as opposed to conventional batteries. AGMs are replacing the standard batteries in vehicles.

This is because the modern features of cars such as driver assistance functions, fuel saving tech, electronic safety, stop-start system, and power outlets all require way more power.

However, Absorbed Glass Mat batteries cost 40 to 100% more than lead-acid batteries. This battery should be purchased if you don’t use your car for long periods of time and the battery may lose its charge. AGMs are better able to withstand a deep discharge and can recover completely if it’s mistakenly drained. 

Choose the right fit

Batteries are available in many sizes. Choosing the right size is crucial for maximizing power and ensuring perfect fit. If the car’s cables can not reach, the terminals are in the wrong position, or it is not fitting securely, you can’t enjoy a good drive. You should check your owner’s manual or an in-store fit guide. Majority of retailers install batteries free of cost. 

Size 24/24F (top terminal): This can be fitted in Lexus, Acura, Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Infiniti models

Size 34/78 (dual terminal): This size is perfect for huge Chrysler models and many 1996 to 2000 General Motors SUVs, pickup trucks, midsize and big sedans

Size 35 (top terminal): This size can be fitted in many Japanese name plates such as Toyota, Subaru, Nissan and latest Honda models

Size 47 (H5) (top terminal): This size is great for Volkswagen, Buick, Fiat, and Chevrolet models

Size 48 (H6) (top terminal): This size is appropriate for American and European cars from BMW, Audi, Volvo, Volkswagen, Cadillac, Buick, Chevrolet, Jeep, Mercedes-Benz, GMC, Mini, etc 

Size 49 (H8) (top terminal): This is ideal for Asian and European cars by BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Hyundai

Size 51R (top terminal): This can be fitted in a lot of Japanese cars by Mazda, Honda and Nissan

Size 65 (top terminal): This is perfect for big vehicles, sports cars and trucks by Mercury or Ford

Size 75 (side terminal): This fits in some General Motors, compact cars, midsize vehicles and a few Chrysler cars. 

It’s also important to pick a battery having a long free-replacement period. The battery’s warranty is measured in 2 figures – prorated period (which allows half reimbursement only) and free-replacement period. 

For instance, 24/28 refers to a free-replacement period of 2 years and a prorated warranty of 84 months. However, the amount you will be reimbursed drops fastly when you are in the prorated period. 

Be careful about the signs of neglect. For instance, wrong installation and low water levels that can void a warranty. If you install a wrong battery, heavy-duty usage such as marine applications and high-end car sound system can harm the battery as well. 

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