5 Best Car Simulator Racing Games

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You would be spoilt for choice when you start looking for car simulator racing games. If you are a gearhead and enjoy video games, then you must be wondering what are the latest and most thrilling car simulator racing games. The experts at CarSwitch, an online marketplace to buy car in Dubai, have shortlisted the 5 best car simulator games for you: 

  1. Assetto Corsa: This one is a highly popular racing game featuring realistic force feedback feel and thrill. You can play it on Xbox, Ps4 and PC. Moreover, there is also a huge range of fan made art and content that is available to download for free. Kunos Simulazioni, an Italian developer made use of his best abilities to develop this game. He also offers an official DLC that comes with a Ferrari themed “red pack” along with Ferrari and Porsche packs. The game also features aesthetic graphics, VR support and a highly active fan base. 
  2. Project Cars 2: This is the second part of the very popular Project Car series that have taken the world by storm. This part takes the game to a whole other level by featuring a racing simulator, aesthetic high quality graphics, better content, an improved force feedback thrill and a wide variety of amazing racetracks. It is especially designed for fans who like races; it even comes with the most popular racing tracks around the world such as Spa and Monza. You can play this game on PC, Ps4 and Xbox. 
  3. Gran Turismo Sport: This game provides a high quality platform for you to show off your racing skills. It has a huge variety of fan base; it even has a FIA sectioned online racing. The game comes with a huge variety of cars and tracks especially built for race lovers. Perhaps the best and most loved feature about this game is the fantasy tracks. It is guaranteed to keep you entertained. 
  4. F1 2019: This game is a realistic experience for all race lovers. It has official teams, along with drivers and approximately 21 circuits from the season in 2019. This game gives you the freedom to experiment and create your own challenges and tournaments. You can make friends and challenge each other!
  5. Dirt Rally: This is an amazing game for rally racing lovers who want to experiment with sim racing. It has a highly realistic feedback feel that provides you with a thrill you have been looking for in the quarantine. It is extremely hard to find any shortcomings in this game. 

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