2021 Lexus Gets Performance Updates and New Colours!

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This new luxury car has blinded the world with its flashy design and sleek interior. It stands out from the rest of the cars by virtue of its interior and brilliant design that has captivated so many people around the world. CarSwitch.com, an online marketplace for used cars in Sharjah, did some research to share the details with you!

The 2021 Lexus makeover features changes in colour options and the wheel options have been changed to cater better to the driver’s needs. There have also been suspension tweaks and there’s slightly less weight to carry around. The sleek design minimizes the amount of bulk. The world had been waiting for this major makeover ever since Lexus announced this model. Needless to say, it has managed to exceed expectations. 

Enhanced exterior and interior 

The most prominent feature is the exterior body colours this car is available in: one is Cadmium Orange and the other is Nori Green Pearl. These colours are distinct from those of any of the cars previously showcased; they reveal a sense of retro and calm aesthetic that appeals to the mind. The 20-inch wheel options have been incorporated to enhance the driving experience altogether.

Moving inside, new Flare Red leather has been incorporated in the place of previous Rioja Red shade. This new change has given it a feisty and sophisticated feel. Lexus has decided to take the white leather option off the shelf since it does not go along with the new car’s theme and aesthetic. Android Auto has been finally added to the infotainment system, this is in addition to the already existing Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa. 

Performance updates

Speaking of reducing the bulk, 2021 Lexus LC has shed about 10 kilos. This gives it a sleek finish, the makers of this car have been able to achieve this look by incorporating aluminium lower control arms in suspension and they have made new hollow-design suspension stabilizers. These occupy less weight and space. Another factor for weight minimization is also the material for coil springs. The 21-inch rear wheels have also contributed to the less space.

To decrease its weight, they have used new aluminium lower control arms for the suspension and new hollow-design suspension stabilizers. The material used for making its coil springs has been changed as well. Lexus stated that the 21-inch rear wheels have also contributed to the weight reduction. The new sleek body of the car has been in the limelight ever since specs for this model were revealed. 

The upgraded suspension makes the car more comfortable and takes care of the driver’s needs. What’s more, it also comes with the Active Cornering Assist feature. 

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