Nissan has been trying to find the right recipe for the GT-R. Nissan unveiled the 2020 Nissan GT-R Nismo at the 2019 New York Auto Show. Even though, the car for sale received no massive changes, a little tweak here and there amalgamate to make it a better version. provides you with the latest update.

This flagship sports car by Nissan has always been trying to strike the right balance between being the ultimate track and street car. Now, it gets mechanical and cosmetic updates to make a stronger stance.

The all-new GT-R Nismo gets inspiration from the GT-R GT-3. It gets fresh front fenders and scalloped air vents on the hood to improve the aerodynamics and improve performance. Furthermore, the carbon fiber roof accompanies a new compression process giving it a tighter weave.

Nissan has added exclusive 20-inch RAYS aluminum wheels which are lighter than ever before. Along with that are performance tires with lesser grooves and a wider track.

A main component in the structure of this roadster is carbon fiber and due to this Nismo sheds 44 pounds in weight. This loss of weight allows for better acceleration and performance. Improved aerodynamics, updated suspension and carbon ceramic brake system make it more of a catch.


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At the heart of this GT-R Nismo has a 3.8L twin-turbocharged V6 which churns out 600hp and 481 lb-ft torque which are same as before. Though, response time has improved by 20 percent because of fewer blades and a modified turbine shape.

It features a 6-speed dual clutch transmission which also includes an ‘R’ mode. This mode allows it to optimize gear selection and shift faster. Additionally, it gets a new titanium exhaust with blue tips. With all these changes it is difficult to decipher whether it’s a roadster or a sports car.

Inside, it features custom GT-R Nismo seats which supports shoulders and lower body. As a result, the cabin is driver-friendly making it a fun to drive car. 

We are sure that this new Nismo is going to gather even more fans than its predecessors. Though, the price and availability of this car for sale is still unknown, it has got the sports car enthusiasts excited!

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